Publishing Update 1405 : Is there a global shift back to print publishing?

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update With all the news of security breaches, hacking, loss of privacy, and global spying we may be seeing the shift back to printed publications. Here are several good articles and resources for anyone involved in the print industry:
[+] The No. 1 reason for optimism about the future of newspapers? Our audiences
[+] Printing Profits Still Struggling, but Rebound from Q4-2012
[+] Why you should engage with other print providers online
[+] How publishers can prepare for new advertising sales model
[+] 20 Traits of Successful Nonprofit Publishers
[+] How tablets have changed publishing
[+] Can 30-second ads save newspapers?
[+] Could newspapers outlive the Web?
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How tablets have changed publishing

Tablet devices like the iPad have been a game changer for the publishing industry.
      The shift to digital was once a challenge for publishers, even a threat, according to Chris Reynolds, vice president of marketing analytics at Condé Nast. Consumer adoption of tablet devices made that shift easier because the form factor for tablets is so close to what publishers are used to: print. The difference is that tablet devices provide a bigger opportunity for advertising and content, adding interactive elements that were never possible in print.
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Printing Profits Still Struggling, but Rebound from Q4-2012

US commercial printing profits rebounded from their tough fourth quarter of 2012, where the industry showed a loss of -$400 million.
      Profits for the first quarter of 2013 were +$850 million. Excluding the losses in Q4-2011 and Q4-2012, Q1 profits were the lowest positive quarter since Q1-2010. These data have been inflation-adjusted.
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Can 30-second ads save newspapers?

A researcher from Murdoch University's Audience Labs suggests economically pinched news outlets should take advantage of positive attitudes to online TV ads as a better way to balance the books.
      Dr Steve Bellman said his research into attitudes to advertisements inside video content such as that on YouTube and Yahoo!7 indicated a level of acceptance for TV ads in the cyber realm.
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Could newspapers outlive the Web?

As more and more consumers access news content on mobile devices instead of their desktop PCs, Web sites will need to change their basic interaction model or face possible obsolescence. Newspapers, on the other hand, still operate as they always have — and that’s just fine with most readers.
      Mobile analytics company Flurry released new data in April that suggests our love affair with the Web might soon be over. They report the amount of time users spend in mobile Web is shrinking and now accounts for a measly 14%. So with mobile-phone audiences about to overtake personal-computer (PC) audiences, and with apps playing such a pivotal role on the mobile platform, do users have any time left for Web sites?
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Why you should engage with other print providers online

Katherine Tattersfield of Digital Printing writes,
      "Let me start off by saying that I am not a printer, I am a digital marketer who happens to work for a commercial printing company. I spend my days blogging, tweeting, and pinning. Do you refuse to connect with fellow print professionals on LinkedIn because you think they're out to steal your ideas? What you don't realize is that by fiercely safeguarding your online presence, you're constricting your own growth."
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20 Traits of Successful Nonprofit Publishers

What are the characteristics are common among successful nonprofit publishers? The list that follows is based on observations I have made over the years working as an advisor to nonprofit organizations and as an executive.
      These practices (in no particular order) are not presented as absolutes, but rather, notes on how some executives run and view their programs.
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The No. 1 reason for optimism about the future of newspapers? Our audiences

Dan Johnson writes :
      Newspapers’ commanding — and continuing — hold on audiences across platforms hints that the medium’s future will be secure for years to come.
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How publishers can prepare for new advertising sales model

Publishers are managing the shift to digital programmatic advertising by focusing on skills within sales teams, inventory management and industry collaboration
      Moving from an entirely print-based model to an increasingly digital one has been a painful process for publishers. Be they national newspapers, consumer magazine groups or smaller B2B specialists – all are trying to maintain revenues as fewer readers pay for printed articles amid the collective expectation of free online content.
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Making a first impression with words

How do you interact with your customers, prospects and partners? Chances are, you are sending emails and letters, or posting to a blog or website. Perhaps you maintain a LinkedIn profile or corporate Facebook page.
      Each one of the many communications platforms provides a way to interact with your professional network, so it's critical that your materials are both well written and effective. Such correspondence is often the first — and perhaps only — impression you will make with prospective clients.
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