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How To Write Marketing Copy

That Sells Your Freelance Design Services

This tutorial will help you write powerful website copy, or copy for a mailer postcard, to help you sell your freelance design services to new clients.

By the end of the tutorial you will:
* Have a page of dynamic copy that really sells yourself as a freelance designer.
* Understand the fundamental rule at the heart of all copy: thinking in terms of benefits.
* See how quickly you can learn the craft of copywriting, so you can integrate it into your service -- and even offer full marketing agency creative services within six months!

Activity Four

Before you start writing your marketing copy, let's take a look at what you can do. You've learnt how to identify product features, how to turn them into benefits, and how to turn benefits into even more persuasive benefits. Now it's time to put all these points into practice.

You're going to write a paragraph of copy for your own business, to use on a mailer postcard or on your website.

First of all, draw up a list of features and benefits for your business services. This will be a little harder than the features and benefits you identified for your computer -- now you have to think about the sort of services you offer (these are your features), and then think about what it all means for your client (these are your benefits).

Here's an example to help you:

I specialize in print, web, 3D, and Flash design.
I use state of the art computing equipment.
I have international customers.
I include proof-reading as part of my service.

I work across media, so you get one consistent look for your whole campaign
I deliver everything on time.
I have the best equipment -- your project will run smoothly right up to finished piece.
My design has global appeal, get more effective promotions in overseas markets.
My free proof reading service saves you time and money
You can be confident that your finished publicity will be free from costly mistakes.

Remember to evaluate each of your benefits as you did in Activity 2. Can you take any of them further? For example, the benefits I have identified in my list above aren't completely final. I can continue with them like this:

* If I can get "a consistent look for the whole campaign and everything in on time", then I can ensure my clients' campaigns will be a success.

* If the "project runs smoothly right up to finished piece", then my clients will find me easy to work with.

* If my design makes for "more effective promotions in your overseas markets", then my clients will strengthen their international reputation.

* If my design is "free from costly mistakes", then the publicity will communicate quality values to my clients' customers.

Go through all your benefits and try to exploit each one. Then re-work your features and benefits into a section of copy, like this:

Call on XYZ Design Services, and you will...

Ensure your whole campaign is a success
      I specialize in print, web, 3D, and Flash design. Because I work across media, you'll get one consistent look for your whole campaign, with everything in on time.

Use a designer who's easy to work with
      I have the fastest, most up-to-date equipment, so you can be sure your project will run smoothly right up to finished piece.

Strengthen your international reputation
      My design has global appeal -- as reflected in my international client base. Count on me if you want to improve the effectiveness of promotions in your overseas markets.

Communicate quality values
      My free proof reading service saves you time and money, and gives you the confidence that your finished piece will be free from costly mistakes.

How does it work?

Did you notice the three tricks I used in the copy above?

1. Reinforce features with benefits: in the four sections of body copy, I introduced a feature then reinforced with a benefit. The feature acts as the rational argument for using my design service, the benefit acts as the emotional argument.

2. Use headlines to highlight the key benefits: I headed each section of copy with a sub-headline that communicates the most persuasive benefit (those extra benefits I identified after I had written my original features/benefits list).

3. Use command verbs: To make these sub-headlines more engaging, I presented them as commands, so they are directly telling the reader to do something, and therefore make the reader sit up and take notice.

Now you can sell your freelance services by using the ideas in this tutorial to write powerful website copy, or copy for mailer postcards!

Shawn Crowley
      Shaun Crowley, www.copywriting-designers.com/


100 Copywriting Tips for Designers and Other Freelance ArtistsShaun Crowley has worked as a freelance copywriter, marketing consultant, and communications manager for a major UK publishing company. His new book 100 Copywriting Tips for Designers and Other Freelance Artists is available for download at www.copywriting-designers.com/

Download: How to make your copy easy to read
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Copyright ©2006 Shaun Crowley This is reprinted here with permission and kudos to Shaun Crowley for contributing some of is extensive knowledge for DTG readers!

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