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Total Immersion: opportunity for graphic designers

I'm predicting this will probably be a huge new technology once it starts getting off the ground. This means a lot of good, high-pay jobs for graphic designers, illustrators, 3D artists, and marketing / communications practitioners. This technology offers an unlimited array of potential clients and solutions from commercial applications like the Nissan demonstration below, to museums and educational institutions of all kinds. Watch this technology, it's going to soar!

CES 2009 Total Immersion

General Manager of Total Immersion, Greg Davis gives us a close look at what "augmented reality" can do for gaming, retail, advertising, simulation, etc. Some highlights: Picachu animated and firing lightning and a close look at Nissan's new Cube.


Nissan Cube Augmented Reality Brochure

Total Immersion's AR product run through a campaign for the Nissan Cube at the LA autoshow and with an at home version YT

Total Immersion- Alstom Train

Alstom live reveal show with augmented reality solutions YT

TOPPS 2009 baseball cards

Just released with select TOPPS 2009 baseball cards -- augmented reality trading cards that literally bring players to life right on top of the card. YT
FONTS TOPPS 2009 baseball cards

3D Live K'NEX box

Total Immersion demonstrates their latest Augmented Reality project: 3D Live K'NEX box. Users can get a sneak peak into solving the puzzle of putting together the toy by watching a live 3D animation occur on the box. They can also watch the box open virtually to unveil videos, 3D/2D objects and other hidden wonders. YT
FONTS 3D Live K'NEX box

Demo of Total Immersion

Here is the full award winning performance at Demo 2007. If you wonder what are the technical problems many blogs wrote about, well, let's say that, on the first minutes of the first take, the live audience did not see the good video input on the main projector, for reasons best left unknown :-) YT
FONTS Demo of Total Immersion

Further study

You can find a lot more examples at Total Immersion's Playlist on YouTube. Anyone who is creative will immediately begin to dream up possibilities of this technology. And if you consider combining this technology with Surface Computing technologies you can begin to conjure up some totally awesome creative projects for both commercial and nonprofit applications. I'm dreaming about what can be done with this technology for an interactive Children's Museum.

As an example, check out Toys with AUGMENTED REALITY and see what Mattel is doing with their characters from the Twentieth Century Fox's action-adventure film Avatar!

All of this kind of new, emerging technology underscores the real need for upcoming skilled professionals in the visual disciplines. A good reason to learn that software and be prepared to go when the call comes.

Thanks for reading... and let me know what you think of this, or if you have your own favorites!

Fred Showker

Editor / Publisher

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