Design, Typography & Graphics News for JUNE 2013

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 23, #6 ~ June

  1. JUNE: Design Vacation
  2. Photoshop Madness : Summertime COLOR
  3. Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Vibrant Flaming Abstract Space Artwork
  4. Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text
  5. What is Responsive Web Design?
  6. The Design Center presents Design & Publishing Updates :
  7. Spring Creative . . . Creative Update #1
  8. Fonts & Illustration . . . Creative Update #2
  9. Creative inspiration . . . Creative Update #3
  10. PUBLISHING UPDATE - profits vs downfall? Printing predictions
  11. Marketing Update : Market smart, build a better pitch
  12. Online Social Media Update : JUNE, vacations, travel
  13. Web Update for the first quarter of 2013. . .
  14. &Else News, Views and Reviews
  15. Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
  16. Graphic Design Book of the Month CLUB
  17. JUNE gets hot, stay cool, enjoy your summer

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JUNE: Design Vacation

It's June, and in many places, people will be planning or embarking on summer vacations! When the designer goes on vacation, all design problems may be left behind at the office or studio -- or, perhaps a little bit of the studio will come along. Tell DTG readers how you plan to incorporate your creative profession with your vacation! Just post here:

Photoshop Madness : Summertime COLOR

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop when you need real color advice. This month we've found some very-cool resources, and tutorials -- and -- unfortunately we discovered another rip-off site that will take your money for other people's content! Here we go :
* Basic to Advanced Flesh Tone Color Theory and Illustration Techniques for Photoshop
* Differences between RAW vs JPEG in Digital Photography (VIDEO)
* Creating Color Mockups in Photoshop CS4
* BEWARE :: Steer Clear of ""
* How to color correct skin in Photoshop
* Freebie :: Color Palette Template
* Prepping Graphics for Print
... and MOREPhotoshop Madness : Summertime COLOR

Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Vibrant Flaming Abstract Space Artwork

In this free Photoshop tutorial, Paul from will show you how to create a vibrant and colorful abstract space artwork using Photoshop, Illustrator, and stock images. Thank you Paul! You'll learn techniques on blending modes, the use of the pen tool in Illustrator, and how to combine elements and more

Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text

Another of those text effects everyone loves, this time from Auke at Tut Base! In this tutorial you will get detailed, step by step training on how to create Rusted Tex -- It's very easy to follow and you'll have amazing results as seen here! Auke even includes some downloadable textures you'll really enjoy

What is Responsive Web Design?

Content marketing and digital flipbook platform, Uberflip, has released a videographic that highlights and benefits of responsive design for marketers :: Responsive Design in 60 Seconds

The Design Center presents Design & Publishing Updates :

Our weekly updates have become one of the most popular items in the whole site, simply because they bring creative, visual professionals a quick and easily digested snapshot of aspects of the industry.

The Creative updates are by far the most popular because of their inspiration . . .

Spring Creative . . . Creative Update #1

Spring is now in full swing and cool stuff is busting out all over -- much of which is driven by senior design classes and design school graduates. This creative surf takes us to places we've been, and some new digs yet discovered. . . :
* Meet Illustrator David Seguin : Put on a real face
* Zhikharev Eduard bends reality with digital art
* Colin Johnson of great detail, large and small
* The Fascinating World of Don Carson
* Brazilian Branding with AdilsonSpring Creative . . . Creative Update #1

Fonts & Illustration . . . Creative Update #2

The creative quest takes us now into some major cool type, typography and lettering arenas from the Letter Cult to some rather special (FREE) revival fonts:
* The Art & Science of Kerning according to Igino Marini
* Julian Hansen "So You Need A Typeface"
* Printing demonstrations in Pictures
* John Hendrix loves to draw
* The Letter Cult
... and moreFonts & Illustration . . . Creative Update #2

Creative inspiration . . . Creative Update #3

More great lettering in this Creative update, along with a designer with a cause, children's graphics and even Google now pays homage to Saul Bass!
* The Senior Graphic Design Exhibit hilghlights culmination of student artwork
* Graphic design artist gives beauty to pro-life cause; voice to the unborn
* Geekwire award hopefuls say : We create killer infographics
* Google's doodle tribute to graphic designer Saul Bass -- a video you do NOT want to miss:
* Kid's stuff with Nate Williams
... and moreCreative inspiration . . . Creative Update #3

PUBLISHING UPDATE - profits vs downfall? Printing predictions

All during May we posted a publishing update each week. As we move into June publishing has mixed news from the death knoll to new profits and opportunities -- keeping print relevant, serif vs sans, comeback for magazines and more . . . here's the latest publishing update:
* As loophole allows end to some Saturday USPS deliveries, magazines explore alternate options
* International Survey of Industry Consultants Reveals Predictions For The Future Of Print
* Why printers must ask themselves, 'Is my business irreplaceable?'
* Smarter direct mail: Advances in print that can boost ROI
* How print stays relevant in a digital world
* Survey: Dramatic Q1 plunge in print profits
* Business printing, branding and your costs
* The final battle between serif and sans
* Web sparks print comeback for magazines
* Print delivers your message
* Paper is eco-friendly
and more ... PUBLISHING UPDATE - profits vs downfall? Printing predictions

Marketing Update : Market smart, build a better pitch

Marketers now have to match design to the task of pitching up and against the competition... will big data be the trick? We don't know, but here's the latest marketing update :
* 3 things that make online marketing outperform traditional advertising
* The dirty secret about online content and shrinking attention spans
* Content creation plus distribution equals PR for lasting impact
* Enhance your Instagram Web profile for improved exposure
* Personalized marketing drives buyer readiness and sales
* 20 quotes to inspire PR professionals Ragan's PR Daily
* Editors and administrators can play nice together
* A few ways PR pros can capitalize on infographics
* A few things marketers can learn from the media
* Why big data is the sexiest new marketing tool
* People love pictures, so put that to work
* PR pros don't always toe the company line
* The effectiveness of direct-mail marketing
* 4 social media trade show marketing tips
* 3 ways Google Glass could influence PR
* 5 top trends in mobile marketing 2013
Find all these and others in the Business / Marketing department : Marketing Update : Market smart, build a better pitch

Online Social Media Update : JUNE, vacations, travel

This Social Media update jumps into June and you can go along! Take your mobile device, iPad or laptop along this summer on vacation so you can keep up with new social media trends . . .
* Hangouts and Communities: The Road to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]
* Social media users say Pinterest is as popular as Twitter
* How to Diagnose the Health of Your Social Media Strategy
* Unconventional ways to boost your Facebook engagement
* Maximize the social media presence at your next event
* Discover more about your audience with social media
* Take advantage of Facebook's new cover photo rules
* Tweeting your way to a successful industry blog
* How to Create Highly Engaging & Sharable Graphics
* Boost your Facebook engagement with promotions
* Can you prevent social media PR nightmares?
* Let social media do good work for you
* Effectively manage a LinkedIn group
* Getting a grip on your social media
* Twitter App Update Improves Search
* Is Social Media Advertising or PR?
* Write more successful blog posts
* The Unbreakable Rules of Video
These and many more in the Web Design & Review department under Social Media Online Social Media Update : JUNE, vacations, travel

Web Update for the first quarter of 2013. . .

We haven't had a real Web Update since the first of the year, so let's catch up to the first quarter of interesting regular updates on Web Trends, tips and tricks just for web designers and online marketers:
* Is responsive design really the future of Web development?
* Successfully launch a new website and refresh your brand
* Solving the Issue of Context in Responsive Web Design
* 4 Reasons Long Blog Posts and Content are the Future
* 7 Ways To Grow Your Online Community With Google+
* 17 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Websites
* How To Get Links By Writing About Other People
* Protect your website from Google SEO penalties
* 10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips
* Why Does SEO Take So Long?
THese and many more in the Web Design department Web Update for the first quarter of 2013. . .

&Else News, Views and Reviews

and now for some cool stuff, along with some news:
* Free eBook Reveals How 27 Writers Published their Books as Book Apps
* E-Book Systems launches Mac FlipViewer Xpress Creator 1.0
* Mail Designer Improves Newsletter Workflow For Creative Professionals
* and more and more ! &Else News, Views and Reviews

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

If you go near the water this summer : In many child drownings, adults are nearby but have no idea the victim is dying. Here’s what to look for.

Graphic Design Book of the Month CLUB

join our BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB and you could get a free book just for being there! Just register :
      * with Creative Legends and Aha Moments in a Designer's Career

JUNE gets hot, stay cool, enjoy your summer

JUNE is brought to you by the color DAY-GLOW ... because it's going to get very bright and very hot before the summer is over!

JUNE is brought to you by the letter "J"

During June, we'll be rolling out a lot of cool stuff for your vacation . . . Just check the Design Center Gallery for a whole collection of fun activities for kids:

Then you'll find a similar collection -- except larger -- in the Publishers' Warehouse. You'll appreciate all these fun activities for the kids to do while they're bored at home from school.

Now, share your ideas, examples and favorite Patriotic Designs for JULY:
* Favorite posters, book covers, magazine covers on Patriotism
* The approach you might take in a patriotic design
* Favorite variations or themes using your country's flag
* Designers: Pros and Cons of patriotic design
* Opinions: when is patriotic design good? Bad?
and remember, we'll be back with our "What Does Freedom Mean To YOU" contest again this year. See:

Friends, we can't run this show without YOUR help. Tell us what YOU do best... show us a thumbnail or two. Let's talk . . . I'm looking forward to a wonderful Summer with you!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

      Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for JUNE: on the subject of Leisure...
      All intellectual improvement arises from leisure
            Samuel Johnson

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