Flora Borsi: Discovering one's self in the art of photography and Photoshop

by Fred Showker

Flora Borsi designing woman

Flora_Borsi - 21st Annual Designing Women Flora Borsi is a Photographer, Visual Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images that are thematically focused who the human being -- herself, you, and me. Some of her images reflect her own identity, relationships, emotions or dreams. She is a master at the photographic technique and and uses the camera along with Photoshop to create beautiful images of emotions of all kinds.

The Bully Project Mural

One of our favorite discoveries of Flora's is her participation in the Bully project. This was a collaboration with Lee Hirsch* to bring together sixteen artists to produce a mosaic for an anti-bully logo. The next image below is a sample of Flora's contribution. Flora writes :

Quoting  begins In this project I wanted to do something dramatic. My inspiration was my childhood. I would like to picture the essence of the destructive nature of verbal aggression. Quoting  ends

You'll find an exciting pictorial of her work in the project at her Behance installation, and you can find out what The Bully Project is all about at www.TheBullyProjectMural.com

From "The Bully Project"

I'm not going to attempt to describe her for you, I'm letting you formulate your own impressions from her images. Her work has been seen literally all over the world including The Guardian’s Observer and BBC Culture, not to mention being Adobe's Face of Photoshop for the 2014 version.

Designing Women Flora Borsi

She writes :

Quoting  begins The editor software is just a tool to complete my pictures, I want to make an image, which looks like a real, unedited photo. I would like to shock people or make them smile with some society critics. My goal is to inspire the viewer to think, to feel what I felt. Quoting  ends

Chris Gampat is the founder and editor of a blog called The Phoblographer. He features the work of today's working photographers. In this blog, Chris writes :

Quoting  begins There isn’t a single person reading this post that has ever felt like they’re in some way or another in conflict with themselves; but photographer Flora Borsi has tried to capture that feeling in photos. Quoting  ends

In the interview, Flora writes :

Quoting  begins In this series, I’m trying to show my fight with myself, the other part of me. The one who is always remain silent, wants to escape, and everyone has this part in themselves ... It’s a struggle between the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ part in me. Quoting  ends

Flora's work reveals a broad relationship with her own inner workings -- which in turn, reveals significant relationships with the world around us. I've listed a few of my favorites below, and you can discover her world in the links provided. Please learn, experience and enjoy!

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