New found free Script fonts for the 20th year!

by Fred Showker

20th Annual Fonts Fest

20th Annual Fall Fonts Festival One of our favorite parts of the annual fonts fest is discovering new and useful fonts. Twenty years ago there just weren't that many resources where designers could discover new, and even free fonts.

I personally developed and merchandised "Monster Fonts" collection in 1987 because new digital fonts were so hard to find, and Adobe had just ramped up, introducing their line-up of 12 fonts. Our collection was distributed on 10 400K floppies for $49. My, oh, my, how things have changed. There are now 12-million fonts available on the web, with maybe at least half of them free for the downloading. The writing on the wall says our annual fonts festival is soon to be obsolete.

No matter how you find them, good fonts will always be in great demand -- the font you use for the next project can set the tone and voice of your message. Here are some we think should get your attention . . . ..

We'll show images of just a few of our favorites -- and you know I love scripts and handwritten fonts! The rest are for you to discover . . .

Sacramento Font
Sacramento .... Sacramento Font Made by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute DOWNLOAD to DISC


This is the Vortex by Skyhaven Fonts. Although it may be a bit difficult to read at times, it's a fun font with a childish, playful voice. See more work by at Alex Tomlinson's web site, and 167 other fonts at DaFont, but consider the kid is only 18 years old! Excellent work.
GO Alex Tomlinson at DAFonts


Jennifer Lynne by Brittney Murphy -- who has been working to make the world less ugly since 1983, holds up at her web site: DOWNLOAD to DISC

Always Forever

Always Forever was also created by Brittney Murphy Design! DOWNLOAD to DISC

Seven Sixteen

KG Seven Sixteen by Kimberly Geswein ... visit her site and look into the "spotted" gallery where you'll see a lot of her fonts used all around the world!

Don't forget ... many fonts are still free, and still available for download in the Publishers' Warehouse . . . as are several hundred other free fonts and font related goodies.

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