New Year's GIFT : 2013 Wall Calendar Templates

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's favorite Wall Calendars are FREE Gift For years I've been making my own wall calendars. Pertty crazy, eh, since you can buy them for a couple of dollars at the Dollar store. But I've designed these for a special use, and once again this year, I offer them to you for FREE.

These templates are located in the Publishers Warehouse, along with tons of other interesting and beneficial items -- free for your downloading.

This is our favorite calendar -- no frills, no verbosity, just plain calendar. I have the first one printed, and taped to the door right now. As the months roll by, I move the calendar up, and over the door -- then tape the next 4-month panel to the bottom. I always see the current 4 to 5 months! By the end of the year, it's all in one roll ... my 2012 Calendar is now rolled up, and replaced with 2013. Near the end, I'll tape on the first panel of 2014.
Use for your self, customize and give to clients as promo gift! Have fun!

  • 18 X 36 inches fits typical office door, holds FOUR months
  • This size is large enough to be seen across the room!
  • Prints inexpensively at Kinko's using their blueprint printer
  • Generous spaces for writing in notes, highlighting, etc, in color
  • Designed as ONE long calendar - tape the three 4-month posters together for a 'roll' calendar.

Each set includes a ZIP file of original, native Adobe Illustrator file in .ai and EPS formats ; Plus a PDF version, and a web/PNG version ... four files for each 3rd of a year. You can modify the EPS or AI files to suit your space, enlarge, reduce, etc.

My Calendar Thumbnail Sets are 5.5 x 8.5 small thumbnail calendars with 15 months! So these take you into March of 2014. I've included the Adobe Illustrator Native file so if you wish, you can blow it up as large as you wish for oversize printing.

In the Publishers Warehouse

And have a wonderful, profitable, safe and healty 2013 -- thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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