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Jerry Jividen: photos save wildlife

Jerry's folio submission arrived and we immediately took a little trip over to his photo site where we found a huge diversity of shooting from wildlife to some rather special portraits and photo mementos. One of his shots just called out to be the anchor shot for this piece.

Great photo subjects, great setting and lighting, and a great sense for tone, balance and presence. It just doesn't get any better than this!

But that's not what this story is about. Jerry writes:
      Using Photoshop and photography skills, I created these photos to stop my condo association from removing these beautiful animals from our worked!

"Awaiting the vote" ... two swans seemingly waiting for the board's vote as to whether or not they will be removed from our lake.
"UnderWing".. a mute swan burrowing its head beneath a wing while standing on blue ice.
"Window shopping".. two swans looking into my condo through a window after an ice storm.
"Swan by Rocks".. Mute swan on blue ice in from of rocks on lake shore.

Jerry writes:
All photos were shot to create images which would connect with their beauty and our need to keep them on our lake. They were printed 16x20, framed and presented to the board as proof of their worth. It worked as a letter was just received saying the swans would stay.

Using an Olympus E-3 camera system and Photoshop CS3 extended version, I worked on creating works of art with photos of swans on a lake in my backyard. A combination of filter effects and a Wacom tablet enable me to make images that sell very well as they can easily be combined for wall groupings in my neighbor's homes.

Portrait of a young lady

When he's not saving wildlife with his photographic skills, Jerry is an award-winning commercial photographer. His subjects range from simple portraits to commercial shoots. Some of the work seen in his portfolio is simply beautiful, like this portrait of a young lady which is so much in the tradition of master photographer David Hamilton. Jerry paints with pose and light to form remarkable artistic images. In this example those supple arms become a landscape for the young lady's thoughts.

Throughout his 40-year career, Jerry has won many awards but now teaches Photoshop and digital photography to several photo clubs and individual clients. He also serves as a judge to local photography competitions. Clients have included the Wyodot Coal Company, Nebraska, Kent State University, Kent, OH and Uniquely Ohio Gallery, Hudson, OH. Training includes reading most books on the market at Borders, going to training seminars sponsored by Adobe, Apple, Nikon and Epson. His students have won everything from the Kodak Medallion of Excellence to competitions in many local competitions...that makes him very satisfied.

Jerry Jividen, plaNET eARTh

Kent, OH
Tool kit: Olympus E-3 system, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Corel Painter X
Jerry sells selected 16x20 prints on Lexjet Sunset Photo eSatin paper printed on Epson 4000 printer from $100.00 including shipping in USA.

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