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Kristen Nikosey

patterns of excellence

Today we take a field trip to the studios of Kristen Nikosey... her work is so spectacular, we were completely absorbed in seeing each detail of her work. We think you'll love it as much as we did.

Kristen Kristen Nikosey is a graphic designer whose work has been hugely influenced by textile design, pattern designs and impressionist paintings. Her patterns are absolutely stunning -- as are all of her works, and we believe she should rank right up there as probably the leading pattern designer in the world. Strong words in a world glutted with Photoshop and Illustrator artists.

Kristen works both traditionally in acrylic on canvas, as well as in a digital format utilizing software such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from UCLA, one can understand the textural and visual softness of her art. Yet, her professional works are numerous, including private commissions and work on many illustrations for publishing commercial works such as album covers, packaging and advertising.

Kristen is a graphic designer/art director based in California with her husband Tom, who is also a world renowned logo designer/illustrator. Together, they collaborate on numerous design projects together reaching superlative levels of excellence.

You will want to spend some time in Kristen's web site, www.kristennikosey.com/, paying particular attention to her
* Illustration Gallery
* Pattern Gallery, and
* Illustrations Printed in The Essence of Fathers (A wonderful book from Ariel Books/Andrews McMeel Publishing

Samples here:
* Italian Flavors
* Ocean View
* The Three Bronkos

Web Site: www.kristennikosey.com

More Eye Candy...

* Don't miss Kristen's husband's web site and Gallery www.tomnikosey.com

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