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Sheila Quinn Wilson is progressive and dedicated to client needs. You can quickly see that for yourself in her nuts-and-bolts approach -- eliminating unnecessary 'fluff' and digging into the message. Her design is not always pretty -- but it's hard-hitting. That rings client's cash registers!

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Whether for print and web media design, photography, copywriting, or project management, Sheila is capable. She understands the critical process and more importantly, she executes the vision. Her background and capabilities in copy writing provides a unique insight into the intricacies of the message...

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Sheila's staunch policy of customer care pays off. The prosperity of any business in virtually every industry relies heavily upon customer care. Every client works exclusively with the designer, simplifying communication to establish a proficient working relationship.

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This philosophy, intertwining service and meticulous attention to detail, is as imperative as the designer's skills. In a world of hyperbole, the results are what count. Sheila's results stand as her testament.


Sheila offers full Mac file-handling capabilities in Adobe Creative Suite, fulfilling her design and marketing needs. She collaborates with the client to deliver the vision that sets the message apart from the competition.

Sheila Quinn Wilson

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