Daniela Stockenhuber

Seldom do we see such fire and excitement in a designers' work as we do in that of Daniela Stockenhuber. Wow! is about all we can say about her considerable portfolio of stand-out graphic arts and packaging design.

We're not going to say too much more about her art and design... but rather let it speak for itself...

Choco Brochure
Booklet: rich photography and deep colors merge for an exciting presentationLOGO

Europeans have always had a different flavor to their design -- sometimes to the extent that you can recognize where they're from. Designers raised under the influences of their country's design climate often reflect those values. German and Swiss design usually displays a tight gestalt of fine line precision -- as if designed by engineers rather than artists. Italian design on the other hand often shares the same characteristics, but with a tendency to go over the top with heavy, in-your-face imagery. Spanish and Portuguese design tends more toward the soft, almost Polynesian organic shapes with an eye towards bright colors and patterns.

Daniela has merged all these sensibilities then added a touch of all-American insight, transcending into a world-class arena of graphic design.

Product Campaign: some might call this over-the-top for wine products... however, we doubt that many viewers will soon forget these colors and totally uncharacteristic typography treatment!

Daniella took Fine Arts & Design and Art History in 1995 at Art Center College of Design, Ca., Pasadena, USA which included Communication Design and remarkably Industrial Design -- which we see in much of her portfolio.


She's worked for both Young & Rubicam and Ogilvy & Mather in Vienna, Austria for such clients as Clevercard, Europaeische, European Telecom, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz and others

Some of her stand-out work includes Logos for Chocolate Bars, and Choco Soap along with industrial design packaging for products -- and a full scale point of purchase Market campaign

Today Daniela operates her own design studios in Austria, using Macintosh and OS X as her primary tools. See much more of her work at Stockenhuber Design

... hope you enjoy the trip as much as I did!

Reviewed by
      Fred Showker

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