D   E   S   I   G   N   I   N   G       W   O   M   E   N

A Still Life

Sue Goyen

of nature, flowers and art...

We liked Sue's work for its freshness and honesty. While the images themselves aren't unique, the treatments are. Sue softens, spreads, colorizes, texturizes, and like putty, forms existing and familiar images into dream-like visions.

Sue says:
      I feel that I posses the ability to create, slice and insert graphics. I am creative and self motivated. Give me your photo and I will create a spectacular result.
      These are photos, my designs, and internet clip art with a creative flair to enjoy. The sights and smells of mother nature for you to take in.

Old Mill Sue is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Springfield, with a B.A. Communications Elementary Art Certificate. She uses Photoshop Windows 2000, among many other programs. Find Sue in Sangamon County Illinois

* Flowers White+ capturing the delicacy of the white flower
* Cactus Flower the pros and cons of a cactus
* Maples the warm colors of autumn to nuture
* Still Life can you just smell the fresh fruit
* Old Crest Mill seeing textures of nature

Sue Goyen
Springfield, IL 62702

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