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Pamela Wells

PAMELA STARTED HER OWN BUSINESS in the early days of desktop computers, and she's been a self-employed designer and commercial illustrator for over eleven years. She lives in San Diego and enjoys that beautiful part of the country in the good
company of my husband and four dogs.
___ Pamela uses a digital tablet and Corel Painter software to create a blended, natural media look. She builds color layers by softly layering the pixels or "spraying" them over one another, much in the same way the masters used oil washes to build luminosity into their works.
Using this intensive technique can take as long as a month to create a work like Apple Series Lilly.

Pamela comments:

My design, illustration and computer skills are self-taught. My favorite software program is Corel Painter. Painter is a versatile "natural media" software program. For my work, I do not use any special effects, commands or filters. Although Painter does have an extensive selection of these filters for those who want them, all of my paintings are created manually using primarily the soft pastel tool in the brush selection menu. It's intense and takes time -- but I think, the end result is worth the hands-on effort.

and continues:

Many people have asked me how I paint using the computer. Although, I advocate the use of computer technology for creative expression, the nature of the work is not essential to the aesthetic result. My purpose has more to do with creating then with the tools of media employed.

When asked about her artistic philosophies and their likeness to some of the great Flemish and Dutch masters, she comments:

Pamela Wells painting detailsMy most recent works forcus on feminine archetypes. I believe that feminine archetypes of transformation within art are of immediate importance in helping contemporary men and women understand how to become the individuals they are meant to be. By adjusting our own perspectives to include the fundamental first image of the goddess that was sacred in primitive cultures around the world, we can better understand nature and we can build our idealogies so that is will be easier for us to live. Her myth was the beginning. When people were connected with the earth and remembered to honor the plants and animals for their life sustaining gifts. Understanding the feminine half of the whole promises us all the possibility of harmony with ourselved, each other and the planet.

Pamela's style, as you can see by the detail we've shown in the insets, reflects a discipline usually not found in the world of digital arts. (The full painting as we display it here is 90K, and will open in a new browser window. Click the insets above, right to view individual details.)
___ The final output for the show was 23 x 27 inches, however Pamela renders her paintings much larger, on canvas, for sale. pam wells <>
Pamela Wells may be reached at her Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California studios, or through her web site at:


#1: "Apple Series Lilly" by Pamela Wells
#2: "Bird in Tree": blow-up showing brid and foliage detail
#3: "The Elk" detail shows the incredible detail in this painting.

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