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amy wasserman

familyAmy sent a fantastic demo disk full of goodies which appeared in a previous issue of DT&G -- now we welcome Amy in the Design & Publishing Center GALLERY. Although the files were rather wonderful, the examples you see here have been sampled down to 8-bit, indexed color. Amy's true talents still shine through... with a smile.


  Amy is a graduate of the Pratt Institute of Design, whose work can be found in many main stream publications like Time, Money, Smithsonian and others. She's been at it for more than ten years, and only recently migrated to the Macintosh for her primary tool.


In a recent phone chat with Amy, I learned about her extensive background in the art of traditional collage. I felt quite at home in our discussion, and had an immediate respect for Amy because of my limited experience in real collage work.


You too would know what we're talking about if you've ever spent hour upon hour collecting images, carefully scaling them, loads of camera work, tedious edge cutting, shaping, sanding, painstaking gluing, touching up, edge coloring and all the other exhausting operations that are required to create even a simple collage. People with a true talent to create traditional collage rank among the highest of craft fine art in my book.


Although the Mac and programs like Collage, Photoshop, ColorIT and Painter make it so easy for the masses to create collage, true talent will always outshine all others.

Amy tells me she was inspired by Eve Elberg, a forum leader on America Online, who also happens to be an accomplished artist/designer in her own right. Amy had tired of the costly and time consuming trips to Kinkos and the local photo finishers and looked for something new. Eve inspired her in to the Mac arena, and now Amy creates her true masterpieces on a monster Mac system.

VeggiesMy hat's off to Amy Wasserman, and her wonderful talents in creating extraordinary works of art!

You can catch up with Amy - she's still doing her thing in Pelham, MA and at

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This article was published in the May, 1996 issue of DT&G.
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