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Jonas Angelet

A most impressive piece from the Macworld gallery exhibition is "Clone" by Jonas Angelet -- even more so since it is student work!
___ Jonas Angelet is currently working towards an MFA in Graphic Arts/ Computer Augmented Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Having already graduated with a BFA in Graphic arts from the University of Louisville (KY) in 2000, he is now concentrating in Computer Augmented Printmaking.
___ Computer Augmented Printmaking involves mixing traditional printmaking methods like etching, lithography, and seriagraphy with computer output work. To this, Jonas adds drawing, painting, and photography skills enhancing each piece.
___ Angelet is originally from Kentucky, but now lives in Madison, Wisconsin to while in the Masters Program
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Jonas' work, "clone" won this years Macworld Digital Art Contest in the Student Category.
___ The piece was created response to much research on the science of cloning and the idea of creating humans out of technological advances, rather than natural child birth.

Jonas comments:

My imagination seemed to run an endless supply of images while researching this subject. The project also allowed me to combine various mediums into one particular image. I used personal and collected photography, drawing and painting for this image. I have a huge affinity for classic imagery and the process of mixing those concepts into a modern context.
___ I named the series from which this comes "Archiving the Future" because I like the idea of creating works that seem as if they are antiques from a future generation. They first appear as vintage photgraphs but they contain images that speak of modern concepts.

Jonas uses Photoshop when creating these works, which he says, is yet to be surpassed as the program of choice for creating seamless images.

Jonas continues:

I enjoyed making this piece, as well as the series that it comes from, because it served as a therapuedic way of dealing with the concepts I was researching. I am interested in Illustration, book making, and film making. One of my current projects is the creation of a film of my images as they react to a soundscape, also by produced by me, which provides the musical background.

Plate: "Clone" by Jonas Angelet

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