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DTG would like to introduce you to Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjex

Marian Bantjes, graphic designer, illustrator and typographer from Bowen Island, BC, Canada, shares her extraordinary talents in a rather unique way! Marian has over 13 years' experience in design on top of an additional 10 years' experience in book typesetting and production.

We loved her portfolio -- complete with commentary about the design pieces -- one thing you don't often get in online portfolios. But following her thoughts on each piece humanizes the presentation and makes each piece that much more meaningful.


typography poster

This spectacular piece of typography is for a poster called Seduction for one of Michael Bierut's famous Yale Architecture Lecture posters. You can read Marian's entry about this piece.

Design Matters

If you view Marian's creation for Debbie Millman's famous internet radio show "Design Matters." you see a complicated yet stunning example of designing with translucent paper.

Marian says:
      "I wanted to create a poster that had to be experienced live, in your hands, to be fully appreciated--like the 4-part series. This led me into the complicated world of translucent paper"


Another of our favorites is an environmental piece Marian designed for Stefan Sagmeister -- billboards with Vector art -- and you can enjoy it here. In fact, enjoy all of Marian's work by visiting just one of her web sites... this one called "Favorite Projects" ... you'll probably also enjoy reading her blog.

      Marian Bantjes
      Bowen Island, BC

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