Designing Women features Julie Tiedens, Bohtieque Design

Designing logotypes is the focus of Julie Tiedens, owner of Bohtieque Design, a one-woman design studio. She doesn't stop there, meeting the needs of her clients one project at a time.

Designing Women features Julie Tiedens, Bohtieque Design

Working from a home studio nestled in the hills and valleys of western Wisconsin, Julie lets her setting inspire her design solutions for businesses around the United States. Almost exclusively, Julie works with her clients over the phone and internet and finds it liberating, not only for her, but also her clients.

Designing Women: Bohtieque Design, Julie Tiedens Overwhelmingly, her clients find it easy to interface using common technologies, and enjoy the fact they don't need to schedule another series of meetings in their already packed day planners. Instead, at their leisure they sit back and review emails and faxes Julie prepares for them.

Julie enjoys the demands of designing logotypes and business identity packages, and loves the variety of projects her clients bring back after their logo projects are finished.

From newsletters to postcard mailers, Julie has created solutions that have recieved rave reviews.

Bohtieque Samples

  • Identry Business Card: Identry, a web development firm based in New York, asked me to design their logo and business stationary. As a result of some brainstorming and a few discussions with John Almberg, the business's owner, we came up with this friendly, approachable design.
  • TJ's Lawn Care postcard: A year after we created their logo, TJ's Lawn Care, a business based near Ann Arbor, MI, came back looking for a professional-looking postcard design. This is the result.
  • Askmeforaphoto: The logo featured on this van was designed for Jack Brumm of Marlboro MA, Askmeforaphoto's owner.
  • BlissYoga: Designed for a yoga studio in Folsom, CA, this logo is used on business signs and stationary.

Bohtieque Design, LLC

  • Julie Tiedens
  • W11586 Oak Grove Road
  • Black River Falls WI 54615
  • 715 284-9693 :: f: 425-920-5712
  • email (via the Design Center)

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