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Michael Samstag is the

Frankfurt Germany
Michael Samtag's "Bildfinder" is a small graphic-design an illustration studio in Frankfurt Germany where he wields a double helping of talent for applied works, projects, graphics and most importantly, new ideas. Since 1993, Michael is an expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MacromediaFlash and CorelDraw. He even conducts beginner and advanced training tutorials for individuals or corporations in the region.
While Michael's graphic design concentration is the main thrust for the Bildfinder web site, you'll find some wonderful eye-pleasers there as well. He specializes in logos, corporate-identity programs, as well as mechanical preparation and production of printed media (letterheads, brochures, flyers, posters etc. Most recently Michael has launched into web design.
Totally Unique Art
Most exciting however is the llustration you'll find at Bildfinder! From traditional handdrawn graphics to computer generated images, Michael's cartoon style for both advertising and editorial is exceptionally creative. His unique style for illustration comes across in everything he does including some rather unique calligraphic and typographic designs.
A cartoon for Fred
When I first ran into Michael, I saw a super fresh cartoon he had done for a client. I wrote him an email and said it looked just like the style I've always wanted for a drawing of myself. I pointed him to my photo online, and quick as a wink this cartoon appeared back in my email box! WOW!
      His cartoons can slant toward the traditional as well as evidenced in this poster cartoon created for "21 Lohr Berg Open Air" done in the style of the "Freak Brothers" comics of the 1960s.
Clip art, fonts, graphics
Michael even offers free download of his very professional BILDERFINDER cliparts, which are updated monthly! Here you'll find all kinds of icons, people and things in Michael's own unique style -- like no other you've ever seen. He even has a collection of letter forms, drawn as Adobe files, character by character, with uinque brushes!
Michael Samstag
Seehofstrasse 29, 60594 Frankfurt, Germany

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