Michael Campbell is the skill and talent behind this fabulous photo-painting tutorial from the Painter Wow book -- and it isn't often we run across such creative vision mixed with fine-tuned skills. What we liked about Michael not just his fabulous portfolio, but his willingness to share his talent and skills with the rest of us!

Critics and noted photographers have praised Campbell's portraits for their imagination, sensitivity, and technical quality. Alessandro Baccari, executive president of the Professional Photographers of California, describes him as "one of the premier photographers in America today."
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if you can dream it...

Michael works his magic through photographic expertise, adapting images from scenes he's photographed around the world (many in San Diego and Scripps Ranch), painting in the backgrounds, utilizing the newest technology, and infusing the project with his considerable artistic abilities. Sometimes the portraits look as if they were done by Degas or Renoir.

portrait of a young girl

In this "Portrait of a young girl" Michael mixes live props, traditional photography, and superb digital retouching techniques to create truly original and unique portraits that bring dreams alive...

Fairy Dreams

Speaking of dreams...
      to Campbell, no dream is too vague or outrageous to be realized through Photoshop, Painter and of course the camera lens and lighting!

Far away dreams

A popular lecturer here and abroad, Campbell has been keynote speaker at the annual convention of Professional Photographers of Great Britain and the Western States Professional Photographers convention in Santa Barbara. He also addressed the Professional Photographers of America meeting in Atlanta.

Michael's work includes landscape photography as well as portraits of such distinguished personages as Dr. Jonas Salk, for the Salk Institute, Princess Anne of England, for the Queen's bedroom, and Sir Anthony Eden, for a book of the former Prime Minister's memoirs. The San Diego Symphony commissioned him to do a 40 x 60 portrait of Dr. and Mrs. Judson Grosvenor, two of its most generous benefactors, and the San Diego Opera had him produce a book of portraits of 38 of their most generous patrons.

Maxfield Parrish

From a whimsical page out of Alice in Wonderland to a Maxfield Parrish painting, there seems to be no end to Michael's imagination. And the real evidence is in his innate knack of capturing the spirit, emotion and whim of the subject.

the mandolin player

Don't miss a visit to Michael's web site, and be double sure not to miss seeing the dozens and dozens of fabulous samples in his portfolio! Most importantly though, do not miss the video introduction to his Painter Tutorials -- because if you don't hire Michael to create images of your dreams, perhaps you could learn to do your own!

Michael Campbell Photography

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little girl on a mushroom

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