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Featured here is the art of Carol Catiller, owner of ArtMuvz Illustration Studio in Winterhaven Florida. Carol's art is popular for its fresh and innocent appeal. She sells her art on TShirts, and all kinds of other imprinted goods via the web site...


Liven the world with art...

Carol Catiller, owner of ArtMuvz Illustration Studio, is the artist responsible for the creation, illustration, execution of art for proposed design concepts. Carol's illustrations are also available for licensing. Her works have illustrated magazines, books, textile, electronic, and other corporate accounts. ArtMuvz illustration studio sells giclee prints for collectors.

We chatted with Carol about some of her thought processes:
Catiller       "I almost always start with an idea or concept -- then research it for validation. Next come the rough sketches. Generally I'll work with traditional pencil on paper. If you are producing a project for a client, be prepared to present your roughs. Tread carefully here, because you can easily overwhelm a client with too many ideas or too many different themes/concepts."
      Moving to the digital format, I scan the rough usually into Photoshop, which for me is user friendly. Then I open it in Corel Painter to use the various virtual art tools to apply color, line, texture. Sometimes this will be the final original. More often, the piece speaks to me, telling me to add more or to remove weak parts or adjust in various ways to make the art become strong."
      Frequently one art piece or concept will spin off to become a series. (greeting cards, etc.) When saving my files, I save so that both Macintosh and Windows/PC can open and use the files. Remember to add the extension. I recommend this, as well as making PDF files of your work. If providing the file to the client is part of the contract, bee sure to ask what format they prefer. Don't assume that they know for sure what they want. Usually they don't.

Carol shares advice...

"I recommend all artists keep notebooks or scratchpads. When you get an idea, honor it by recording it. I have been keeping notebooks for forty years. I was drawing full pictures at four, before I could write. The muse visits those who appreciate what they are given to illustrate. Don't be afraid to experiment. I have been experimenting with InkAid on various substrates.
      Very often my clients will have a nebulous concept, which I have to firm up by asking questions. Remember: "you might have to reach into their brain."
      Get approval; then make adjustments requested by the client. Get the client to sign approval on all changes, and get a final signed approval for the whole job. CYA = "Cover your assets." Be sure to factor all changes into the estimate and final bill. Even if you have quoted a fee for the job rather than an hourly rate, keep track of all your time on the project. If you are billing the client, ask for one-third at the beginning of job, one-third upon approval of roughs, and one third upon delivery.


  • Lifegiver - Ink and Mixed Media sketch. Edition of giclees.
  • Fire Puppy Angel -- Ink, acrylic painting, used in a children's book about firefighters.
  • Tickle Me-- Ink and acrylic wash. Used in a periodical about cats and kittens.
  • Predator Acrylic painting. Edition of giclees.

Catiller Creations

Traditional, digital illustration Macintosh platform, OSX Full service Art and Graphic Design Studio. Estimates quoted upon receiving job specs.

Detailed Background

  • Hardware: Macintosh platform, OSX, Epson printers, Digital camera. Software:Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, ImageReady, GoLive, website construction.
  • B.A. Art Traditional, digital illustration Macintosh platform, OSX Full service Art and Graphic Design Studio
  • Clients: Nationwide Insurance General Electric Ohio Library Association Copies America You Are Cabaret L and A Interiors Next Graphics Teletrend Graphics Apple Magazine Akros Magazine
  • AWARDS: (partial list) The Lakeland Ledger, Lakeland, Ohio: Feature Article, Jan. 2005 * Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, Ohio. May Show, juried. * Butler Art Institute, Youngstown, Ohio. listed in Regional Artists Directory. * Butler Art Institute, Youngstown, Ohio. Project Hope Show, juried. * Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, Ohio.
  • YWCA, Career Seminar Guest speaker: "Being a woman graphic artist"
  • Former Art Director of an Ohio regional magazine.
  • Past President, Parma Art League, Parma, Ohio.
  • Past President, Greenbrier Art League, Parma Heights, Ohio.
  • Owner (past) Browse Box Gift Shop, Ohio Browse Box Gift Shop, Ft. Laud, Fl.

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