Designing Women features corereactive, Toronto, Ont

Featured here is a Toronto Ontario, graphic design firm specializing in brand identity development for print and web. Their name is corereactive, under the competent direction of Jo Swartz. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jo and here's a brief excerpt...

core creative

Jo Swartz comments...

"My work varies wildly depending on the needs of the client. My style overall is bold and colourful and very iconic."

A former fashion designer, Swartz takes her skills with colour and image, pattern and proportion, and reapplied it to corporate identity and brand development.

corereactive, Toronto, Ont Her clients range from the very small to the very large and she loves being their go-to person for all their creative needs.

Jo continues...

"I think, above all, that I connect with my clients and their businesses, and so am able to translate who they are into their identity and communications that connect with the public within highly original designs."
      "I work in both digital and traditional mediums and as a result can provide a wide variety of services. I love to work with a company in its early phases -- helping them build their brand from vision to fruition."
      "We never miss deadlines or encourage you spend more than is necessary. We care about your business and are here to help you build it."



  • 802 Queen St. East #2
  • Toronto, Ont, m4m 1h7, Can
  • 416-463-6098
  • Contact corereactive (via the Design Center)
  • Hours: M-Th 10am-7pm and Friday 9am-3pm.
  • Located in beautiful, multi-cultural Toronto, with the added bonus of providing quotes in fabulously discounted Canadian dollars.

Detailed Background

  • Studied fashion design in Paris, France; finished first in design.
  • Senior Fashion Designer for Pierre Cardin, Irving Samuel, and many others.
  • Designed the 1996 Fila Canada Olympic Collection.
  • Creative Director and New Product Development Manager for Backstage Pass. Created an enormous variety of promotional, product, retail, and graphic design solutions. Projects were as diverse as music and entertainment merchandise (projects included The Simpsons, Biker Mice from Mars, The Kim Mitchell Band and more) as well as conceiving and building new brands and divisions.
  • In 1999 I began my own business called corereactive providing creative direction and graphic design for web, print, merchandise, retail and tradeshows to my clients including LCBO, University of Toronto, McTamney's, Interstrata, Tesori, David MacPhee, Joe Murray & Associates Consulting, My Personal Shopper, My Fit Bride, Avalon Interiors and many more smaller (but growing) businesses primarily in Toronto.
  • My fine art work has been featured in Surface & Symbol magazine as well as in online galleries including and at (no longer active)

corereactive is a PC friendly office using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and anything else that makes sense to achieve the best results and create the WOW! factor that we are used to getting.
      All initial contact should be by telephone

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