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If you read the article "Designing Buddies" you'll already know a bit about the secret "weapon" employed by Julianne Nardone and Janet Bertucci in their design business. But that's not all. This graphic design firm in the Boston Mass area works closely with their clients to create unique designs that balance form and function. Now let's have a quick visit with their studios...


Designing Words

julieJulianne believes that as creative director her main role is that of design muse. With formal training in anthropology, sociology and graphic design, Julianne uses her eclectic background to design marketing materials that stand out from the creative pack. In addition to design, Julianne can help her clients pen the right marketing prose to go along with their contemporary layouts.

Designing words She cultivates her overactive design imagination by traveling to Europe whenever possible, taking weekly piano & oil painting lessons, and writing soul searching essays.
      "But I credit much of my recent design success to the amazing feedback I get from Janet," Julianne adds. "She's the most thoughtful designer I've ever met."

Julianne lives in Ashland, Massachusetts, and is available to design beautiful work for prospective clients in Massachusetts or elsewhere on the planet who have access to the Internet.

Folia Graphic Design

JanetJanet's studio in Cambridge, MA specializes in working with non-profits and small businesses to create designs that inspire attention and action. Her former career as a teacher informs her personal, collaborative approach with clients and her background in art history and literature provides a rich visual and cultural wellspring for her work.

Folia Graphic Design's single greatest boost came when Janet and Julie informally paired up to gain the benefits of a team approach while retaining the autonomy of their one-woman studios. Janet, and by extension her clients, gain immeasurably from Julie's insights and experience.


Designing Words/Folia Graphic Design

Detailed Capabilities

  • GRAPHICS: Branding; Corporate Identity; Print/Collateral Materials; Capabilities Brochures; Product Catalogs; Media Kits; Annual Reports; Book Design PRODUCT
  • DEVELOPMENT: Product Design; Product Naming; Brand Identity; Packaging
  • DIGITAL MEDIA: Website Design; Multimedia/Kiosk/CD-ROM
  • ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Retail Signage & Environmental Design
  • GRAPHICS/EXHIBITIONS: Exhibit Design; Point-of Purchase Displays
  • MARKETING SERVICES: Direct Mail; Brand Management; Advertising Communications; Promotional Design; Presentation Graphics; Sales Materials; Market Research/Focus Groups

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