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DTG would like to introduce you to Amy Dresser

Amy Dresser

Amy Dresser is an extraordinary photo retoucher and photo-illustrator. Unfortunately, we've been unable to contact her -- the emails just bounce -- and there is very little about her at her web site. What is at the web site however is a stunning array of image work that is unparalleled by any we've seen on the web for a long, long time.

recreating an image for an illustration

This is not just retouching. In many of these works you'll find carefully photographed sets that are then transformed into spectacular visions mixing the photo subjects with true illustration. This is a rarity.

incredible photo-illustration

As demonstrated in the above "Clowns" the actual photograph -- although carefully staged -- is taken far beyond the initial shot with even lighting and character transformations.

simple touchup

Then there's the straight-forward photo retouching. But to be successful, it's got to be convincing -- so restraint is the order of the day.

images that tell a story

      Amy Dresser

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