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JDTG would like to introduce you to JudyAnn Dutcher, Dutcher Design, Santa Barbara, CA based design studios.

JudyAnn writes:

My first career was as a Marriage and Family Therapist. In all my counseling jobs, I ended up volunteering to do the graphics work for flyers or brochures. As a counselor, there was never an actual finished product, so I liked the feeling of having created something tangible, something I could point to and say, "Look at this."

After the birth of my second child, my husband encouraged me to change careers. I went back to school for two years and earned both Webmaster and Graphic Designer certificates from UC Santa Barbara. While I was still in school, I started my business and quickly became busy. I loved what I did.

Lessons learned: Listening skills honed during my first career now help immensely in the graphic design business. I can really hear and understand what my clients want, and then I use my graphic design skills to deliver what they need; while not trying to get my ego involved in any project.

movie poster take-off
I guide clients with good design principles, but ultimately, if what they want is a less-than-pleasing color palette, I deliver it to them. It's their vision that's important, and it's my job to deliver their vision.

point of purchase
Point of purchase: (POP) I create functional design - something to be used by someone for something.

Identity: I have contracted with big companies like Hewlett Packard, and carefully follow their style guides. In the nonprofit arena, I have opportunities for great creativity in developing fund raising campaigns and identities.

Web Design: My husband eventually joined me in the business, taking care of the web server and any database application that a client website might require.

I am proud that I can offer a full range of graphic and web services to my clients. I sponsor community fund raising events as an advertising opportunity: I provide designs in exchange for community exposure for the business.

It's a win-win situation, and I know I'm using my skills for a good cause.

JudyAnn Dutcher

Dutcher Design
Santa Barbara, CA


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