Designing Women

Stacey Dyer started off differently than most in the design industry. She received her BFA in Painting and attended one class in design during her undergrad at the Hartford Art School. She comments:

"I wanted to make art with my hands, move around - why sit at a desk all four years? The training I received in painting and printmaking is color-composition bootcamp for designers."

Rock on!

Dyer attributes her creative business sense to when she sang in a hard rock band. "I was the lead singer, art director, marketing manager, and booking agent for our band. We were branded from stickers & CDs to the press kits sent out to club owners."

After college, Dyer worked as an in-house designer for Loctite and as an art director for two advertising agencies in Connecticut. She worked with a palette of clients that stretched between accounting services and agriculture, high-end commodities to deep discount products, and a variety of non-profit organizations.

Stacey Dyer's design style revolves around two themes: movement and tangibility. She creates work that often breaks the frame of a page, includes cascading type, and keeps the viewer's eye moving with a graceful ebb and flow. She tends to create websites that are pleasantly contained and break out of the flat, interactive norm.

Dyer has been most recently influenced by the shapes and colors of architecture within Moracco and India. She positions rich color palettes against a balance of lavish white space and silhouettes. She also enjoys the recent exploration of patterns and delicate ornamentation coupled with the clean and sleek styles of today.

Unique folding Business Card Design for Carrie Draghi Photography

Creative Juice
Invitation : Accordion Fold (1-color) for Creative Juice Kick-off Event

getting organized
Booklet Cover Design for Julie Jansen

Samples: Home page of & Westfarms Working Women's Weekend Rack Card

Stacey Dyer and partner, Steven Varjabedian, came together to form Triple Frog LLC with a sort of yin and yang effect. He, the philosophical and logical computer programmer; she, the spontaneously combusting artist. Both, driven by past entrepreneurial guts, joined forces to create a balanced design firm dedicated to printed and interactive media.

Together with two additional employees, Triple Frog offers a professional agency experience with less cost and more creative energy for all clients ... evident in the freshly redesigned

Stacey says: "Size does matter. But that should only apply to the idea, not the agency producing it."

visit Stacy at:

Triple Frog LLC

22 Woodycrest Rd. Meriden, CT 06451



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