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Erin Ferree

Our Designing Women theme for National Women's Month during March introduced us to a number of fresh new talents from all around the world. I got an email from Erin asking if we'd like to see some of her work, and of course I can never turn that down.
      Arriving at the web site of Elf Design, a San Francisco Bay Area firm, I found so many visually exciting portfolio samples, I invited Erin to show a few here in the Design Center Gallery! What great stuff.
Meet Erin...
Erin has over 7 years of professional experience in logo, print and web design, coding and illustration. Her education included a background in architectural and technical illustration and computer programming in addition to fine and graphic arts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Art and Design from the California Polytechnic (Cal Poly) State University in San Luis Obispo.
      According to Erin, "No job is too small..." which is evidenced by this delightful T-shirt Graphic she created for a San Francisco art agent, -- or too large, as this packaging design project illustrates!
      She is the Founder and Principal of elf design, in San Francisco Bay, where she helps companies of all sizes and types benefit from her superb sense of design. She has a broad experience from artistic to technical -- from black-and-white one-shot to full packaging programs. (Which is rare in these days of specialization.) Her clients range from large companies such as Hitachi Software and Oracle Corporation to the local corner non-profit!
      I liked Erin's work right away, and found some of her writings on the web site to be quite fresh and insightful.
Taking a look at Erin's samples...
  • The Pitch -- Package Design Packaging for an unsweetened, organically grown black iced tea.
  • Sugo Music - Illustrated Header Card Proposal for the "Cocktail Classics" musical compilation. San Francisco, CA
  • Red Spark - Direct Mail Design Copy written by Leslie Godbe, Godbe Communications. Photography by Wonderfile.
  • Cal Poly - Magazine Spread Design featuring two articles on subjects showing opposing emotions. San Luis Obispo, CA
  • CD Label Template - Product CD template design for Scalable Network Technologies, Culver City, CA
Visit Erin Online...
I believe you'll like what you see. Be sure to take a look at her " Logo Design Process" which outlines the process she follows when creating a logo. She walks you through the process from the concept-sketched through refinemeant, all the way to the finished piece.
Elf Design at

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