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Gina Geick, GAWD Productions

Gina Geick operates her own web design studio called GAWD Productions -- Gina has a good eye for colour and space, but more importantly a good ear for listening to her clients' needs and expectations...

Meeting client's needs

... and expectations

Web Design & Review met Gina at her web site and enjoyed visiting some of her crafty web site design. What impressed us most about this energetic young designer is the careful attention she dedicates to each project. Her web designs while not glitzy or bleeding edge do a professional job of purveying the client's content while maintaining clean brief coding.

Gina comments:

geick I am fortunate enough to earn a living doing what I love to do - and do well. I have been designing websites with and for both MAC and PC for 4 years now. I employ strong HTML and graphic design skills as well as a good working knowlege of JAVASCRIPT, DHTML, PERL, PHP and FLASH. However, with so many very good web designers out there what really sets GAWD Productions apart is our customer service. We frequently go beyond what is perceived to be the call of duty to ensure that our clients' needs are met, from marketing issues to technical support.

Let's take a tour...

Our own site is usually a guinea pig for implementing new ideas, scripts and programs. With this latest design we've included a german version to appeal to the many german-speaking residents and organizations in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

Meeting Client Needs: on this client's wish list were animations for the front page, a clean and uncluttered look, consistency throughout the site as well as ftp capabilities for clients sending large files. We managed to achieve all of the objectives and stayed within a budget of $500.00

Makeovers with punch: this edesign in 2004, offered an abundance of information relating to real estate as well as tools like mortgage calculator, MLS search, etc. While the previous version of the site was eye-catching and well received it did not rank particularly well with search engines. This new version was built specifically with search engine criteria in mind.

Defying gravity: with close to 200 pages this site was probably the most extensive make-over we have ever completed. Part of the re-design process was the addition of several interactive components, such as an online gardening forum, mailing lists, search engine, etc.

Getting to know Gina better...

Gina has an MB in Business Administration from Hamburg, Germany and has successfully helped clients for over 16 years. Her expertise is strongest in marketing, sales and computer technology yet is seasoned with an eye for good web design. Credits to her capabilities are several web design awards including the Golden Web Award, and Excellence of Design Canada.

Current major clients White Rose Home and Garden Centres, Complete Lube Supply Ltd., 4print.ca-Div. of Musson Copy Centres

Gina forges her works on both MAC and PC platforms using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, Acrobat, Quark Express and Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Flash MX and others.

GAWD Productions

Lion's Head, ON, N0H 1W0, Canada

Bravo, Gina!

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