FEW GRAPHIC DESIGNERS ever get the opportunity to practice their skills in an arena as broad as Gerard Huerta has. But perhaps it's not just opportunity that allows a talent to grow to extraordinary bounds. Perhaps the key word here is talent. Gerard has touched so many great venues in the publishing world, we had a very difficult time picking which thumbnails to show here. In fact, chances are you have at least one item in your home that Gerard Huerta had a part of...


Some of his logos and logotypes have included Swiss Army Brands, MSG Network, CBS Records Masterworks, Waldenbooks, Spelling Entertainment, Nabisco, Calvin Klein's Eternity, Type Directors Club, the banners for Time, Money, People, The Atlantic Monthly, PC Magazine, Adweek, Us, Conde Nast's Traveler, Working Mother, WordPerfect, Scientific American Explorations and Architectural Digest, as well as corporate alphabets for Waldenbooks, Time-Life and Conde Nast. The list reads like the who's who of Madison Avenue.

Ringling   WIRED

He and illustrator Roger Huyssen produced the theme art for Super Bowl XXVIII as well as logos for the Breeders' Cup annual events. Gerard also designs and draws dials for Swiss Army Brands watches from his Southport, CT studio. All artwork is produced and provided digitally.

Sailing   30 Years

Herb Lubalin wrote in Print Magazine's Typography issue
      "Gerard Huerta, whose work is a throwback to the intricate, complicated and colorful style of the early 20th century cigar-box labels, never ceases to amaze me with the beauty of his design and technical proficiency."

Country   Buckle Art

Gerard was educated at Art Center College of Design (www.artcenter.edu) and began his professional career in 1974 as an album cover designer with CBS Records in New York. He left CBS in 1976 to start Gerard Huerta Design, Inc. and has been drawing letters and numbers ever since.

Most of us are still students. And if we should ever aspire to reach such heights, then we'll need to carefully study

... the extraordinary works of Gerard Huerta

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