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When we run across particularly outstanding art, we like to share it with the rest of the Design Center readership. Please enjoy the exhibits, and if you discover some creative talent that should be on display here, please let use know. If your information is ready to go, then you can submit your folio now.

Jessica Hische: Caps to Captivate

Designing Women Three wonderful designing women this month, all directly related to type and typography. Jessica Hische is the genius behind "Drop Caps of the Day" and a host of other delightful dreams in type, lettering, calligraphy and typography! You're going to enjoy this trip. . .

Xandra Zamora: calligraphic hands

Designing Women Designing Women presents Xandra Y. Zamora, a master at calligraphy, hand lettering, and classic styled quill work! Don't miss this inspiration in hand lettering

Carol Kemp: Fresh Typography

Designing Women When we talk about "fresh" in the graphic arts world, it generally means a visually exciting... it also means Carol Kemp!

African American Independent Comics

Designing Women Damian Duffy and John Jennings, 'Black Comix' brings together an unprecedented collection of largely unheard of, and undeniably masterful, comics art from the black community

Designing Women: Simulating Life

Designing Women Welcome to the 15th Annual "Designing Women" edition of DTG in celebration of Women's History Month... here are some outstanding talents in the graphic design field... enjoy the ride

The perfect photo subject?

Designing Women What happens when the perfect photo subject is following you around every day? Find out with some delightful photos and commentary by Penina Finger, Design Professional from Atlanta, Georgia

Field Trip: Designing Women

Designing Women Celebrating Women's History Month, we'll revisit some favorites, and discover some new ones * Redefining the "F" word * Guerrilla Girls * Nervy Girls * Professional Women Web Designers * Nerd Girls * Girl Scouts of the USA and more

Aesthetics: MyArtSpace Art News

MyArtSpace was established by the New York Art Exchange Scholars in the field define aesthetics as "critical reflection on art, culture and nature." MyArtSpace was established by the New York Art Exchange and helps us understand, digest and discover new Aesthetics with galleries and features by and about artists. This experimental venture hopefully will bring DTG readers lots of inspiration over the months to come. Join us for this edition of the MyArtSpace Art News

Designing Women 2009

Each year we discover some pretty special ladies, and this year we introduce you to Susan Kare the original Icon Queen; Karen D'Amico with a European flare ; well rounded Jennifer Duarte and Allison Foltz Milmoe for some distinctly dexterous with typography! We think you'll really like this year's Designing Women field trip!

cre8d design

cre8d design When a designer hires a designer you may think that spells problems. Not in this case. After actually using the design services of Rachel Cunliffe and the cre8d design team on two successful sites, we're ready to bring them on for the 'big' job. What better endorsement can you get? Come meet the cre8d design team

Wetherbee: design with a conscience

Wetherbee Creative & Web From a family full of creative thinkers to a self-employed creative and partner in her own design firm, Wendy Wetherbee has it all. Wetherbee Creative & Web is an independent design and marketing studio based in New Hampshire, serving clients nationwide... meet Wendy Wetherbee

Lady sings Design: Nena Anderson

Nena Anderson Once in a while we find a designer who exudes talent in 360-degrees! We found Nena and not only discovered a highly sophisticated visual designer in 2-D and 3-D, but a drop-dead blues and jazz musician as well. This powerhouse lady sings print design, trade show displays and product design from mountain biking to sea-side sandals to down-town swing ... it's all about talent!

Sandra Selle-Rodriguez

Sandra Selle-Rodriguez How often do you encounter an artist with the sensitivity of Van Gogh, C'ezanne and Degas -- some of the greatest artists who ever lived? It looks like digital painter Sandra Selle-Rodriguez is just such an artist. We were impressed with Sandra's work -- but considering she had her first art show at only 13 years of age, it's no surprise!

Marie Thacker: Well Rounded Web Design

Marie Thacker Marie is a Web, UX, Interaction Designer and Art Director in the Seattle Washington area who is well rounded and equally grounded -- with a propensity for nuts and bolts. We liked her dash of creative spark and intuition -- and welcome her to the DTG Gallery ... visit Marie Thacker

Thomas Morris: Letterforms that shaped a generation

Thomas Morris If you ever rocked out at a concert by the Doors, New Riders or Commander Cody in the San Fran bay area back in the day, then you already know Thomas Morris -- he created the concert posters! Today, he's still producing breath-taking graphics and superb typographic creations and we're going to take a little field trip to his studio ... Thomas Morris Design

Luba Lukova: Social Justice 2008

Luba Lukova Somewhere between Picasso's wood-cut years and German Expressionism, Luba Lukova has carved a deep niche in social graphic design -- one that will not be erased for decades and generations to come. The messages are stark, undeniable, and slam you right between the eyes. If you cannot own it, at least see Social Justice 2008 Luba Lukova

Tracy Martin : Photo Folio

Tracy Martin It's always a pleasure to visit DTG readers and their portfolios -- and sometimes, maybe one out of every so many hundreds of entries, along comes one with true vision. When we looked at Tracy's images were then frozen to the moment. Photo Folio: Tracy Martin

Jerry Jividen: photos save wildlife

What's in your folio? Jerry's folio submission arrived and we immediately took a little trip over to his photo site where we found a huge diversity of great shots... but the story in this post is saving wildlife through photography! Jerry Jividen: photos save wildlife

Stacey Dyer

Stacey Dyer from a fine arts Painting background, to rock band lead singer and publicist comes Stacey Dyer, graphic designer par-excellence and her Triple Frog LLC a balanced design firm dedicated to printed and interactive media. Stacey Dyer: Rock on!

JudyAnn Dutcher

JudyAnn Dutcher from Santa Barbara, CA, JudyAnn didn't start out to be a graphic designer -- but through a career move, she certainly became one, applying lessons learned in the services industry to become a versatile and practical designer... visit Dutcher Design:

Sareh Khajehnouri

sareh KhajehnouriSareh Khajehnouri is an artist currently based in Washington DC. Her extraordinary visions echo her native background in Tehran, Iran. Her advertising design sparkles, but her photo-illustration reveals a subtle yet striking depth in visual exploration. Don't miss the works of Sareh Khajehnouri

Designing Women 2008

Designing Women ... This month, Janet, Maryvonne, Becky and Christina join us in the April Creative Net to share their brief vision -- and a glimpse at their work. But don't worry, their links are included and you're in for some spectacular eye-candy... I guarantee you'll enjoy Designing Women, 2008
... then you can catch up with more in the Creative Networking department

if you can dream it...

Michael Campbell is the skill and vision behind our "Photo to Painting" tutorial, and once you see his works, you'll be convinced that magic exists and dreams do come true. This is true inspiration for any digital artist who aspires to greatness. Follow along as we visit the studio of world class photographer and digital artist Michael Campbell

Veerle Pieters

Veerle pietersVeerle Pieters, a graphic designer and web designer living in Belgium, caught our attention with her fresh Illustrator design portfolio, and her lively blog featuring many great articles and tutorials... Veerle Pieters

Amy Dresser

amy dresser If you'd like to see some extraordinary photo retouching, and spactacular photo-illustration, go no further than the studios where photography takes on a whole new meaning. Of course, we're talking about the studios of Amy Dresser

Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes Of all the places to find a unique graphic designer, Bowen Island, BC, Canada would seem remote -- to say the least. However, here we discovered a truly rare mixture of graphic design, illustration and typography talents spanning a work history from simple print to killer billboards. Come along and meet Marian Bantjes

An Extraordinary Tour

with the Graphic Designers who made the Lettering as Image ~ Image as Lettering Gallery show come true...
* Michael Doret: a brief converstaion...
* Daniel Pelavin: Creativity with an attitude
* Tom White: defies human ability to induce complexity
* Tom Nikosey: drawing remains the basis of every project
* Gerard Huerta: from old & familiar to extraordinary
* If you're in the LA area, don't miss LETTER AS IMAGE / IMAGE AS LETTER
* Enjoy the incredible sights of the greatest graphic designers in the world.

Laura Smith

Laura Smith Fabulous illustrations; classic color palettes; soft texturing; stylish drawings -- posters, stamps, ads, billboards for some of the most prestigious clients in the world -- we cannot say too many good things about Illustrator Laura Smith

Kristen Nikosey

Kristen Nikosey Graphic designer and illustrator from the LA area presents spectacular art influenced by textile design, pattern designs and impressionist paintings -- possibly the leading pattern artist in the world...visit the works of Kristen Nikosey

Sue Goyen

Sue Goyenfrom nature, flowers and art... Sue softens, spreads, colorizes, texturizes, and reshapes existing and familiar images into dream-like visions of nature... .
visit Sue Goyen

Daniela Stockenhuber

Seldom do we see such fire and excitement in a designers' work as we do in that of Daniela Stockenhuber. Wow! is about all we can say about her considerable portfolio of stand-out graphic arts and packaging design ... visit Daniela Stockenhuber

Lisa Mullis is Spright Design

LisaThe Greening of Design... Lisa Mullis' Spright Design offers graphic arts and packaging design services to a unique audience: those who have an appreciation for "Green" design. With Lisa's superb talent, those companies get a lot of bang from Spright Design

Exotic Visions: Geeta Vadhera

Geeta While Geeta Vadhera's (Noida, India) work is solidly planted in the fine arts world -- of oil on canvas, her art would be just as well at home in any illustration studio on Madison Avenue! Enjoy the powerful tension of negative and positive space for a lesson in visual dynamics!
      Be patient, large images loading!

Anthony Cole: Legacy of Illumination

Anthony ColeDTG reader and contributor, Laura Mizii, introduces us to her grandfather and shares some of his spectacular work. Master illustrator, calligrapher and illuminated lettering artist Anthony Cole leaves Laura with a legacy worth saving and sharing

Ryan Forshaw Unique Visions

RyanRyan Forshaw has an incredible story that takes him from devastating adversity to award winning digital imaging through some long, tough times and the wonders of Adobe Photoshop. Beauty out of Adversity

"Designing Women"

corereactiveCarol Catiller
Carol Catiller is the creative mind behind ArtMuvz Illustration Studio in Winterhaven Florida. Carol's art is popular for its fresh and innocent appeal. She sells her art on TShirts, and all kinds of other imprinted goods via the web site

Jo Swartz is a graphic designer and artist from Toronto Ontario who shines with superb logo designs... dazzles with knock-out collateral materials... and top-flight branding design... in Designing Women

JulieBohtieque Design
Take a look at the next rather special Designing Woman Julie Tiedens, graphic designer and logo specialist in Black River Falls WI. Come along as we visit Bohtieque Design

amy wassermanAmy Wasserman The Gallery revisits Amy Wasserman and her wonderful Photoshop art, after nearly ten years since her article in DT&G. Amy sent a fantastic demo disk full of goodies back in '96 -- yes, good stuff was being produced back then too... with a smile!

WordsDesigning Words and Folia Graphic Design This month we introduce Julianne Nardone and Janet Bertucci -- Beautiful graphic design from Ashland Masschusetts and Cambridge Massachusetts; and the design power behind Designing Words and Folia Graphic Design

JonesCarey Jones From Greenwich CT, US comes designer Carey Jones with her own brand of hard-hitting graphic design... from Balance Design...a varied range of designs from packaging to logotypes that show off a true balance!

KyteThe art of David F. Kyte
David F. Kyte is a graphic designer and artist from Detroit Michigan who was published in DTG in the mid-90s. Today he shares some of his remarkable works and we catch up with him in the Design Center Gallery.

shinShin Terada
      ... take a few peaceful moments and enjoy the etherial visions of freelance photographer Shin Terada from Yawata-City, Kyoto Japan -- Shin says: "A glass of water to quench your thirst is the motif of my work." We believe you'll agree -- but please, take your time.

AkilaAkila Seshasayee
      ... This month DTG takes a field trip to have a look at some rather extraordinary graphics from Akila Seshasayee an independent graphic designer from New Delhi, India. Akila has a decided   flare for typography

masonMelissa Mason... You read Melissa Mason's article "Designless In Seattle" last month -- this month let's take look at some of her outstanding design work with a little visit to her studio Semiartist portfolio

Sandy Wright
      Sandy is a progressive thinking designer and strategist -- founder of Lyric Marketing & Design, in McKinney, TX, USA. Sandy says: My purpose is to share my artistic vision through the emergent opportunities that exist in today's explosive technology evolution

Gina Geick
      Gina operates her own web design studio called GAWD Productions -- A good eye for colour and space, but more importantly a good ear for listening to her clients' needs and expectations.

Catherine Morley. . . return appearance! This year we revisit Catherine Morley, the energy behind Katz Design, and an influential woman in the graphic design industry, founder of "Creative Latitude"

(See more Designing Women below)


Sculptural Statements

This month we visit a unique high school student from Kentucky with creativity and vision to put a whole new spin on obsolete computer parts...

Varshesh Joshi

Varshesh This month our travels take us into the exotic world of Bangalore, India, to meet up with Design Consultant to see some extraordinary images with an engineer's edge.
Polycarbon Comic Hero

Patrick Shettlesworth

Our field trip today takes us to Seattle Washington (USA) to the studios of Patrick Shettlesworth, the highly talented Illustrator and Concept Artist who's talent we see in the "Polycarbon" comic hero character, and Microsoft XBOX games.

The New York Story

Steve Ladner is back from France, and doing his thing in New York! See some rather unique and exciting views of life from this amazing, self-taught photographer.
Michael Samstag is the BilderFinder
From Frankfurt Germany, Michael presents some stunning feats of pure eye candy in his unique style of cartooning, calligraphy and design. He's even got some great clip art you can download!
"Designing Women"

Erin Ferree, is graphic designer and illustrator in the San Francisco Bay Area -- founder of Elf Design, where you'll find many visually exciting design projects.

Ilise Benun, author of HOW Design Books Designing Websites for every audience, and editor/publisher of Self Promotion Online chats with DT&G about "Heads-in-the-sand Design"

Mary Baum, Managing Director of HerbertBaum Integrated Marketing in St. Louis, MO, designs with elegant simplicity -- but drives a persuasive message to her loyal clients

Leane K. Wells a graphic designer and illustrator from Indianapolis, Indiana with respectable skills in graphic design, digital imaging, technical illustration, and copy editing.

Images from the "Macworld Digital Art Gallery"

It occurred to me that this art is too wonderful to be kept hidden after the exhibit is over, so I contacted some of the winning artists and they've graciously consented to share their art and talent with DT&G readers.

Hanna Haska -- a Canadian artist of Polish origin and one of the winners of the Macworld Digital Art Gallery Contest, painted this image of "TEMPLE" but what we saw made us stop and ask ... " Was it Premonition?"
Clone by Jonas Angelet

Contenplating the System by Ciro Marchetti

Jonas Angelet is currently working towards an MFA in Graphic Arts/ Computer Augmented Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Having already graduated with a BFA in Graphic arts from the University of Louisville (KY) in 2000, he is now concentrating in Computer Augmented Printmaking.
Richard Bornemann, graduate of the Maryland School of Architecture (1978), worked designing and building large buildings in Washington, D.C. Which lead him on a rather interesting career path. As a registered architect, he set up his own shop and began creating architectural illustrations for builders around the country. But the reason he's in our gallery today was his entry into the digital fine art scene...
Pamela Wells emerged from higher education with a Bachelor of Business degree, major in marketing. She launched her career in the publishing business industry moving toward commercial illustration.
      At the time of Apple's introduction of the first line of desktop computers, Pamela discovered Macintosh working for two publishing companies. Today she mixes her considerable talents with visions of the masters to create this stunning painting, APPLE SERIES LILLY.
Ciro Marchetti, is a British graphic designer who's professional career after graduating from Croydon College of Art, England, has included working in Europe, South America and the US.
      I think you'll find Ciro's piece: CONTEMPLATING THE SYSTEM a stunning piece of work, and I'm sure you'll enjoy learning his insights into the world of digital art. His work will be on display in the Design Center along with an interview and detailed close-ups of his work.

The Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center

The Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center is a unique and innovative new media educational facility, with one of the worlds only digital arts galleries, located in the heart of historic downtown Denver. RMDAC is housed in a completely renovated historic building in Denver's Golden Triangle neighborhood, and is a custom-designed 4000 sq. ft. facility with hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, oak beams and 20 foot ceilings. Each month they present real-world gallery shows with works by leading digital artist. They are located at 1261 Delaware Street, in Denver, Colorado and at

Also: Visit the Savannah College of Art & Design
Previously: Mike Johnson: Info Graphics
Jake's Girls the very first entry into the Gallery

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