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For Amanda Keating, owner and artistic genius behind Ferris Wheel Creative, design is far more than a trendy-looking ad or billboard. Graphic design is commercial art.

With more than eight years industry experience in print production (including large format printing) and then as Lead Designer and Creative Director for two national advertising agencies, Amanda has worked with such highly respected icons as 3M Pharmaceuticals, Poag's Jewellers, Kensington Tours, and The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Ferris Wheel Creative

Amanda has a passion for art

She was born with an artistic talent that permeates everything she does, from her early beginnings of practicing handwriting with flair to her later studies of colour through the works of master artists such as Mark Rothko.

Her college classmates were a source of inspiration and introspection as they pushed each other to uncover that seductive spark of design genius -- and nearly a decade later they still consult, collaborate, and compete.

In 2008, Amanda fulfilled her dream of opening a boutique creative operation that combines her expertise and talent in branding, design, and photography. Ferris Wheel Creative specializes in all things visual for brand development including logos, print, advertising, and Internet.

Ferris Wheel Creative
Better Than Flowers Brochure - BTF had just been purchased by the new owner Karen Moffatt and needed an update from it's previous state. Which changed up the size, and created a really warm brochure that is used at tradeshows as well as going in each handmade basket created by the company. Enlarge

Just like the Ferris wheel, built by a skilled master using a solid foundation and intricate balance, Amanda builds her designs on solid groundwork with a supporting infrastructure to inspire and transform businesses. Her designs are distinct -- edgy -- mesmerizing -- unforgettable.

Amanda has an intuitive ability to not only get inside the mind of her clients and immerse herself in their visions, but she fuses that respective by getting into the heads of their clients.

Throughout the creative process -- whether driving her prize yellow "ghettoconvertible" or shoulder dancing to her favourite tunes with her headphones on -- Amanda allows the concepts and impressions to take over. And when the spark is fully ignited, it simply bursts out... because this is what she loves to do.

SusanRegier.com Header Graphic
SusanRegier.com Header Graphic - Susan Regier is a very talented and knowledgeable woman. I designed this header to be friendly, fun and professional. This warm and bright design got a lot of great feedback and is loved by all who visit the site.Enlarge

At the end of the day, Amanda ensures that the design works for her client. It resonates with the business, and it compels their clients to respond. She'll win awards for being creative on her own time.

SheShe Web Page
SheShe Web Page - This was a really fun project. The design needed to be fun and girly and we definitely accomplished that. The design gets the target market excited and thinking about booking parties to spend some girl time with her friends! Enlarge

Networking Today
Networking Today - In January, 1999, the "Premiere Issue" of Networking Today rolled off the press and was delivered to 10,000 businesses in London, Ontario. A few months later, it went online to reach a global audience with a local feel. Enlarge


Ferris Wheel Creative works nationally and internationally from our home office based in St. Thomas ON Canada
Mac based office using industry standard programs: CS3 InDesign, CS3 Illustrator, CS3 Photoshop, CS3 Dreamweaver Microsoft Office

Ferris Wheel Creative - design & photography -

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