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quoteMy designs are the best way to
express my feelings about life
and what I love to do most.quote

Sareh Khajehnouri

Sareh Khajehnouri is an artist currently based in Washington DC. She was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up in the Washington DC area where she completed her degree in Graphic Design from George Mason University. (Images are clickable)

She is the founder of SarehDesign, a Graphic Design company in Washington, and her work has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers.

 Above: Collaterals for Aerospace project ; a cover for Design New York ; a poster for Discover Iran ; a personal piece Red Lipstick. Her subtle piece "Faces" was used in our web background above.

Her visions are striking! Many of her works incorporate Arabic typography which has a pure beauty all its own -- when added to Sareh's visions, they become stunning. I hope you enjoy Sareh's art as much as we have...

  • Web Site: www.SarehDesign.com
  • Location: Washington DC
  • Venue: print work- logos, brochure, postcards, posters etc

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