The DT&G Gallery revisits David Kyte's wonderful digital art -- a true success story...

David Kyte

The art of David F. Kyte

David Kyte David F. Kyte is a graphic designer and artist living in Detroit Michigan, and you may remember his work which appeared as our holiday art in December. David has returned to DT&G and shares some of his remarkable works here, in the Design Center Gallery.
"Bow Wah" (at left) is a photo-realistic digital oil painting of Detroits Cass Corridor area.

David is for hire as freelance artist and visionsmith. His web site holds many other visual delights as well, and we recommend it highly as a good shot in the arm when your creative juices need a little inspiration.
      "Sometimes you just don't have the benefit of working in full color when doing jobs for print." ... says David in reference to his Birthday Cake painting; which is a grayscale digital oil painting created in Painter 4.0.

Cuppa Joe Picture Eventhough David's background is formal training and years of experience in computer graphics, he still resorts to pens and brushes when the need arises. These images were sent in to DTG back in 1997, and show a wide spectrum of interest. Today however, David has focused on Auto art which he sells at his web site. (Remarkably, the links from the 1997 article remained the same and took us directly to David's web site!)

Mad Woman David admits that more and more of the his artwork is done on a Macintosh computer, however he still holds to the belief that computer art should not look like it is done on the computer. To that end he shies away from elaborate 3-D rendered alien landscapes and chrome robots, and sticks to computer procreated versions of what he would have created with traditional media. He does admit that the computer offers less cleanup in his projects. David comments about his "Mad Woman in the Park" painting...
      "I have this strange idea that people who wear a beret are insane. When I was young there was a woman who walked around the local park having very animated conversations with a imaginary companion, she wore a maroon beret. Funny how those first impressions stick with you."

The last we heard from David was back in December of 1997. This article was published in an early 1998 issue of DT&G. Today David is kicking up with some wonderful art -- like his The Caterham Super Seven Painting. Super work, David!

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