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I've heard it before, and have even experienced it: "Where can I find a web designer well grounded and ready to actually work -- rather than venting design philosophies trying to change the world?"

Of the roughly 800 emails and solicitations we get in the Design Center each week, just about 20% of them turn out to be web design pitches. But folks, we don't listen to what they say -- we watch and critique what they do.

Marie's web site

Such is the case of Marie Thacker, a Web, UX, Interaction Designer and Art Director in the Seattle Washington area. From her work, we can tell Marie is well rounded and equally grounded; with a propensity for nuts and bolts. We believe she's got a dash of creative spark and more than enough intuition to design web sites that actually fill the design requirements of her clients without a lot of spare weight.

Marie writes:

I have been designing full-featured, interactive Web sites for over 12 years. The constantly changing nature of the web not only inspires me, but allows me to embrace the challenges that come with each project. I get the most satisfaction out of taking on a difficult project (or client!), and turning it into a successful piece, and most importantly - a happy client. My working philosophy is simple: Create a visually appealing design that is easy to use, and makes the client happy.


Looking at just some of the web sites Marie has created, we see an applied science to present the information with a clean, understandable "hand." But as evidenced in the above sample for Boeing, she also seasons those hard business facts with some fun and innovation. We love the game-board concept, and we're sure it's a success for the client. Marie continues...

My design process is very organic. All active projects are constantly in my mind so there's always a chance for inspiration to strike. By the time I sit down to sketch I have a very clear idea of the visual design, as well as the layout and user experience. More often than not, the design is approved in minimal rounds. I attribute this to my ability to listen to the client and accurately translate their goals into a compelling design.

motor cars

Many web designers may be intimidated by an auto client. Note here how Marie has given this local dealer the look and feel of the big-time auto sites. Not only does it bring luxury to mind, it also functions well, clearly leading the car buyer into shopping mode effortlessly and seamlessly. Pick a car!

Below, we see she also have a flare for color -- just at the right time and place. (This leaves some web developers flat!)


With extensive experience as an Art Director, Marie is at hoome leading the creative vision for a team of designers -- and understands that it's important for an experienced leader to define and manage the creative direction.

marieMarie closes:

I'm happy to work with small businesses who need web help, or large corporations looking for leadership. I love a good challenge and can jump into any situation and get the job done, with a smile.

And you know what? We believe that. Because it's clearly reflected in her work! We appreciate this brief glimpse at Marie's side of the world. And as I said at the beginning of this short visit -- it's nice to meet a well-rounded, fully grounded web designer.

Marie Thacker -- Seattle WA
Focus & Strengths: Web Design, UX Design, Drupal Design & Dev, Branding & Identity Design, Art Direction, Corporate Design Strategy

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