Designing Women features Melissa Mason

melissa mason

Innovative Graphic Design from Seattle. Melissa Mason provides consistently successful strategy and design in markets big and small.

Melissa Mason Melissa first showed us her remarkable skills when she contributed "Designless in Seattle," an article in the business department of DT&G! Not only was the article very well received by the Design & Publishing Center community, it showed Melissa's openness in sharing her experiences to the rest of the design community!

Melissa has over 6 years of professional experience in id, branding, print, web and professional photography. Her educational background includes graphic & fine arts with a BFA from the University of Washington. "Design for design's sake" lacks strong roots if not married to the deep base of strategy. Utilizing an array of skills across diverse industries, her success is in clear and effective strategic and design intent. She is currently freelancing, and works with companies and individuals of all scales.Melissa Mason

Designing for the Web

This portfolio website was created for the internationally acclaimed photographer, Scott Areman. The client wanted to stand out from all the other artists in his field. I created a online solution that mirrored his own playful adventurous spirit. "Capturing" his particular style and essence was the key. Completion time one month.
      Client: Scott Areman Photography

Dynamik Place, P.C. marketing and collateral products

Here we see various marketing products developed for a modern architecture firm. The client wanted a refined, corporate, clean look. The brand elements were carried through strongly and consistently. These projects also demanded custom photography.
      Client: Dynamik Place, P.C.

Cabfare Brand + Web

A full identity, brand, and website development for a film production company. The project budget was low- end. The concept was to achieve the corporate modern look that the company's clients were looking for. The website was created to further push the idea of motion picture and still carry-through the simple refined elegance of the brand. All these were effectively produced with a small budget. included custom image tailoring. Completion time: 1.5mo.
      Client: Cabfare Productions, Inc.

Strategic Documents

Melissa also displays a portfolio of numerous pieces for corporate marketing. The scope of each of these documents ranged. The task was to cater each theme and style to the different and particular clientele and type of industry. Many of these documents succeeded in acquiring million dollar accounts and returning clients. Included custom photography, and writing. Completion time average: 1wk.

Major Clients: Bank of America; Hines International Properties; Quadrant

Affliations: Blue Earth Alliance (Photojournalism); American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP); National Press Photographers Associations (NPPA)

Melissa currently lives in Seattle, WA and can be available for contract design work in any location. You may reach her own remarkable web site:
      Don't forget to see Melissa's article: "Designless in Seattle"

Melissa Mason

Seattle, WA, 98109 206 355 0624
901 763 1505

Bravo, Melissa!

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