Fred Showker says:
      Shortly after I graduated from Design School, I hit the pavement working for a dull, drab, advertising agency with mostly ag-industry, hardware and plumbing supplies clients. At night I would take in freelance work, and read through the pages of my U&lc Magazines over and over, dreaming what it would be like to be in the New York design scene.
      In the backs of almost every issue was a small space ad with killer lettering advertising Michael Doret. I would often think ... "Man, if I could just work for Michael Doret, I'd have it made!"

34 years later...

DTG asks:
      Michael, what has driven you all these years?

Michael says:
      I am hopelessly in love with letterforms.


DTG asks:
      What do you mean, Michael? What kind of letters?

Michael says:
      Not just flush left, caps and small caps, but big, colorful expressive letterforms

Time Magazine Cover

DTG asks:
      Big and expressive?

Michael says:
      YES! Ones that can twist and turn, that have a point of view

New York Knicks

DTG asks:
      But don't all letters have a point of view

Michael says:
      Letters and design with letterforms should never be just a transparent medium. Most use letterforms to simply convey a message. The ultimate design is with letterforms that ARE a message unto themselves.

TV Guide Cover

DTG says:
      Michael, I think we'd better take a closer look...

Michael says:
      C'mon folks... let's go...

The Art of Letterform & Image Design

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