nena anderson designer, photographer,  singer / songwriter

it's truly all about talent

We met Nena quite by chance, and we're sure glad we did. Here's a young woman who is not only a single mother to a six-year old, the owner of a boutique creative production company, but to top it off; an accomplished professional singer and songwriter as well! Talent exudes from Nena. While reviewing her web site, the link to 'music' caught our eye, and we weren't prepared for what we saw and heard. But more on that later!

Nena writes:

Design is communicative, functional art. As a creative and musician, I create to strike an emotional chord and to connect with the audience. I love the ebb and flow and constant challenge of being a designer. It excites me to help a brand or client tell their story. Changing and keeping up with technology, generations, and trends keeps me ever evolving and never is boring. I have been lucky to work with brands innovative in their thinking and leaders in design for their industries.

nena anderson designer, photographer,  singer / songwriter

As a creative producer, I like my projects to run as organically as possible. I carefully cast artists, crew, photographers, everyone involved, because i trust THEIR talent. It allows me to guide a client's vision through the creative production process, maximizing creative input and resulting in stunning work, happy artists and clients.

Nena's work reflects a sublime marriage between the visual and performing arts. Lyrical visual arrangements of shapes, texture, light and shadow into a bit of a melody that vibrates from her musical background.

nena anderson designer, photographer,  singer / songwriter

The above is a CD cover / booklet for Carl Sonny Leland, Nathan James, and Ben Hernandez. Nena writes:

The client had sent me several 60's jazz records for style reference. I illustrated this at 18" x 7" then scanned it in to keep the hand-drawn feel. It's look matches the feeling of the music... swinging, lively, and fun... modern with a retro flavor. The theme and additional illustrations were carried through on the back cover and cd itself.


I have designed and built dozens of trade show booths over the years. It's a challenge to work spatially, combining graphics, merchandising, interior design, and branding all into one... while keeping the space completely transformable and the structure temporary yet sound! This was my third booth design for Electra Bicycle Company. A 50' x 50' island enclosed booth that featured 80 bicycles, huge wall graphics, and mid-century modern wood slat detailing.

In addition to this booth, Nena also produced all of the photographs for Electra's 2009 line. With director, Patrick Dennis and photographer, Art Brewer, they created beautiful imagery that is an eye-catching juxtaposition to the bicycles and brought in a lifestyle attitude to an otherwise sporty industry.

booth design for Electra Bicycle Company

Above is a tour case Nena designed and produced to display and store band merchandise. It is completely self-contained, with lighting and a hidden cash box and all folds neatly into the case at the end of the show. Nena comments:

I started out as a cartoonist and painter, but my true fascination has always been with product design. It's the ultimate challenge to create something that conveys the client's brand while being functional. This fascination with manufacturing and innovation has led me to design product in motosports (designing baggage and molded boots, gloves, etc.), clothing (men's and ladies clothing and textiles), bicycles and accessories, and merchandising displays.

Nena grew up in the San Diego area, just 2 blocks from the beach. She's the daughter of a surfboard shaper and believe it or not, a self-taught designer who dropped out of UCLA after first year! She's been working as a designer since 1987, both in house and freelance for such companies as Haro Design, the Electra Bicycle Company , Sanuk, American Terrain, Adrianne Smith Floral Design and a score of others.

Nena's music works

But that's only half of the story

Nena AndersonMaybe not even half! If you happen to wander out toward San Diego, you might want to stop in at the Calypso Cafe and catch Nena Anderson & Band -- where you might just be lucky enough to catch Nena doing "Daggers" (click for an MP3 preview) or, perhaps her sweet little jazz piece called "Gee, Baby"! I know when I hit San Diego, my driver will have the Calypso at the top of the list!

We invite you to see and enjoy the wonderful array of Nena's talents at both her design web site :, and her music web site where you can pick up links to her MySpace site as well. And if you happen to be in need of some extraordinary design work, find Nena at ...

San Diego, CA
visual branding ~ still and motion production for photography and film ~ photography ~ design

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  Photo shoot for the 2009 Electra Bicycle catalog,
      photography by Art Brewer, music by Mr. Tube & The Flying Objects

* Nena's photo above was taken by Art Brewer

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