Sandra Selle-Rodriguez

Van Gogh, C'ezanne and Degas

How often do you encounter an artist with the sensitivity of some of the greatest artists who ever lived? It looks like digital painter Sandra Selle-Rodriguez is just such an artist. We were impressed with Sandra's work -- but considering she had her first art show at only 13 years of age, it's no surprise!

Sandra Selle-Rodriguez

And through the years she has indeed studied many of the masters, especially Van Gogh, C'ezanne and Degas and you can easily see that influence in the paintings. Her paintings from oil and acrylic on canvas and board to color pencil illustration on various types of paper have given her the unique skills to easily evolve into digital painting.

Sandra Selle-Rodriguez

We first learned about Sandra through the Alien Skin "Case Studies" web site, as an avid and gifted Alien Skin filters user. Sandra comments:
      Opening the two original photos in Photoshop, I cut and pasted the palm trees and mountains creating the composition I wanted and worked with adjustments to achieve the colors. I then merged the files and used Alien Skin Snap Art filters, Settings, Basic, Colors and Lighting to create the final image. The final step was to open the image in InDesign and applied text. The choices from Alien Skin Snap Art are amazing and endless.

assorted paintings you'll really like

Sandra Selle-Rodriguez is an internationally recognized artist and designer. In her online digital gallery see many, many more of her wonderful paintings.

assorted paintings you'll really like

In her online digital photography portfolio see just a few of the photographs which inspire her paintings.

Most of her work is displayed in the local Palm Springs area. The large canvas above was inspired by the Joshua Tree National Park
You've read our article about using Alien Skin's "Blow-Up" software to dramatically increase the size of JPG files. Well, Sandra tends to agrees saying "This job would have been impossible without Blow Up 2...", referring to the "Tropics" painting above.

We invite you to see all of Sandra's works at her web site :, and read this issue of Alien Skin's Case Studies where you'll learn more about Sandra Selle-Rodriguez, and her use of the great plug-ins from Alien!

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