Awesome Steampunk photo manipulations and photo-realistic illustrations!

photo modifications

awesome steampunk paintings There are many, many fans of steampunk style which is a large subgenre of science fiction and fantasy. These images have been inspired by technology and aesthetic designs from the 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery ~ set in an Art Nouveau era as an alternate history. Lots of readers saw our Steampunk Spectacular from last Halloween and send in their examples

Steampunk Photo Illustrations and Photographic modifications

view here, or click to enlarge. Once in the slideshow, just click to advance to next slide.

Pinocchio alice alice_2
Pinocchio.jpg alice.jpg alice_2.jpg
captured clock counterpain
captured.jpg clock.jpg counterpain.jpg
daydreaming flying from_below
daydreaming.jpg flying.jpg from_below.jpg
green_fog kaurwaki king_kong
green_fog.jpg kaurwaki.jpg king_kong.jpg
lost_afloat modern_poppins portrait
lost_afloat.jpg modern_poppins.jpg portrait.jpg
repairs rising strange_cat
repairs.jpg rising.jpg strange_cat.jpg
the_crystal trainstation  
the_crystal.jpg trainstation.jpg

JOIN the creative experience! We'd like to hear from you! On the Facebook page, you'll find the gallery "Art is where you find it" -- you can contribute art there. Or, let DTG visit your site -- we'd love to have you contribute there and become part of DTG! As I said before, if you sent in one of these, or you know the original artist, pleast let me know. If you want to be in the Design Center Gallery spotlight, it's really best if you use our Folio Submission form.

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