Tom Nikosey is a highly acclaimed and widely sought after graphic designer specializing in Logos & Lettering. After graduating with a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York City, Tom relocated to Los Angeles in an effort to be closer to the entertainment industry. It was there that he began designing logos and graphics for the motion picture and music industries. (Images are clickable)

Logo for Indiana   Super Bowl

Over the years, after creating pieces for clients in those and various other fields, Tom has always felt grateful for the opportunity to help solve their needs.

RSVP   Commodores

Tom learned to draw at an early age and says, "drawing is the basis of all my work." Having worked traditionally for many years, including the use of drawing, painting and airbrushing techniques, he made the transition to computer based work in 1995 and is now fluent in the techniques necessary to get the job done in whatever way best suits a given project.

Tom says,
      "I continue to paint traditionally when it is necessary for the effect however, drawing remains the basis of every project."

Don't miss a visit to Tom's web site, and be double sure not to miss seeing the dozens and dozens of fabulous samples in his portfolio!

Tom Nikosey Design, Illustration, Graphics

Pratt Institute in New York City

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