Tom White produces art with decorated typography that nearly defies human ability to induce complexity. Yet the designs take on such a highly refined and cohesive finish that no one is really aware of that complexity. When you look at Tom's work, enjoy the initial visual gulp upon arrival. But then go back in and scrutinize everything that went into accomplishing the finished piece. I dare you to count the number of Illustrator layers required to finish any of the below samples.

I can't think of any other word than: Spectacular!

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Classic Meets Modern

While Tom's designs have a very classic or traditional look, the computer as a production tool adds an incredible amount of depth. Tom easily exploits the digital tools to their maximum. In fact, if you had to hire an artist to produce these using traditional pen, ink, brush and Dr. Martin's Dyes, expect to pay something like twenty-grand!

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Tom White of 9 Surf Studios employs both classic and modern concepts to bring visual life to the verbal messages. Some of his inspiration comes from turn-of-the-century newspaper typography, carnival graphics, and architecture. Tom lives and works in New York City with his wife Lois and daughter Brielle.

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Tom White & 9 Surf Design Studios

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