Geeta Vadhera

Geeta Vadhera

momentThe first time I saw Geeta Vadhera's paintings I was frozen somewhere between faint memories and a feeling of overwhelming familiarity -- as if I could feel dry warmth emanating from the canvas. You see, being of middle eastern descent, as a child my fever dreams were of sand. jazb jazbaAlways hot, dry, bright; always stretching as far as the eye can see; always moving and shifting under my hands and knees, preventing progress. Dunes. Hot dunes and deep blue skies. And, just beyond the crest of the dune there were always objects... sometimes buildings with walls of sun-parched sand with dark, cool, open doorways; sometimes unknown people milling about not acknowledging my presence; and still, sometimes simply vivid flowing fabric. saanjhiI could never reach them for the shifting of the sand. I would awaken and shake the visions as inconsequential -- but the dreams would always return. Hot and dry.

waqtFor more than 20 years, Geeta Vadhera has painted on canvas, on paper, photographs, wood, glass, and even the human body! Originally trained as a painter in the Delhi School of Art, her solo exhibitions have been seen across several countries. The manifestation of her vision through art is strikingly enigmatic yet affable. She plays with color and texture with an almost primitive objectivity while manipulating the inner emotions and feelings with the deft hand of a sorcerer.
(Pictures here are clickable)Saanjhi

Geeta said:
      "Sometimes, people come to me and ask 'What do your paintings mean?' or "How do I appreciate your art?" Alas, there is no formula that I am aware of. The meaning, if any, is within you, the viewer. It's a function of your own experiences. Often the meaning is wordless. I am reminded of a zen koan - the zen master keeps filling the cup of tea for his pupil until it overflows and more. The pupil says, "Stop master.. it is full, it cannot take any more"; to which the master responds, "Yes, and until you empty it, there would not be any space for more". So, empty your self. Take some time and view the work.

junoonWhile Geeta's work is solidly planted in the fine arts world -- of oil on canvas, I see powerful design and layout at work in her art. The tension of negative and positive space molds and commands the eye as it moves in and around each work. When viewing the enlargements, squint and see the fluid movement of color, light, dark and shape. Geeta would be just as well at home in any illustration studio on Madison Avenue! In fact, those designers viewing this art today should spend a few moments on each -- and get a lesson in visual dynamics!

Enjoy the visions. I sure did.

Reviewed by
      Fred Showker

Detail of "Moment Snatched"
Detail of "Waqt Waqfa"
Full painting: "Vision"
Full painting: "Capability"

Geeta Vadhera

Geeta Vadhera is a Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London BFA, Delhi College of Art. TuIndian Classical Vocal Music, Allahabad Advanced Photography, Lycee Technique Estienee, Paris. CEE, Design (Visual Communication), IIT, Bombay 30 solo exhibitions of paintings across Europe, Australia, South East Asia and India. Research in Concrete Poetry, International Archives, Selb, Germany. Plates of the works have been permanently preserved Running own art gallery - Studio Geeta Vadhera - in Noida, a suburb of New Delhi Illustrator of books for children. Over 1000 books illustrated for publishers in Europe, South East Asia and India Design assignments for Christan Dior, Paris and Treasey Loewe, London. Chief Designer and Fashion Co ordinator, Export Division, Central Cottage Industries Corporation, New Delhi Creative planner, Festival of Arts, New Delhi - produced curtain raiser audio visual - which was presented to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, then Prime Minister TV producer with Doordarshan India - produced weekly "Arts Diary"Radio producer with All India Radio and BBC New Delhi Released Book titled " Ansh"; an anthology of poems based on Concrete Poetry. Designed series of 5 books - "An Introduction to Art" conceived and designed for children Awarded Bharat Nirman Award for important contribution in the field of Art, New Delhi

Learn more and see more by visiting, or B 35. Sector 40, Noida, UP, India, UP, 201303, Ind

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