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Sandy Wright Lyric Marketing & Design

Sandy is a progressive thinking designer and strategist -- and she knows the culture. What separates the good designers from the amateurs these days is the ability to understand trends and how to communicate effectively with the audience. Her art is the culmination of over 20 years artistic experimentation in all mediums.

Explosive Technology Evolution

An accomplished designer and artist, Sandy's design work and photography has been published nationwide and exhibited in galleries in the US. With an extensive background in marketing and communications, her expertise ranges from ad, page and logo design to corporate collateral design and image branding to commissioned art pieces and custom photography.

Sandy comments. . .

Sandy Wright Lyric Marketing & Design "My purpose is to share my artistic vision through the emergent opportunities that exist in today's explosive technology evolution through my designs, photography and art. I desire to engage my proven business instincts, as well as my creative development and design experience, to produce world-class marketing and communications for my clients."

Sandy is owner of Lyric Marketing & Design, a small boutique marketing and design firm that specializes in personal and corporate business marketing/advertising and publishing with an emphasis on corporate communications and branding. Sandy has created and directed marketing and PR campaigns for numerous high profile individual and corporate clients in the Dallas Metroplex.

  • Logo for Savvy Magazines new concept marketing group used a combination of Illustrator10, Photoshop7, and Sandy's Custom Photography (2003)
  • "Integrity" this page graphic for Dr. Mark Albion's "Integrity" article in r. e. Magazine Dallas 2003 used Illustrator10, Photoshop7 and Stock Photography
  • Marketing ad for real estate franchise for direct mail and Magazine placement. Illustrator10 / Photoshop7 / Custom Photography 2003
  • Identity campaign for personal trainer. Business Card (shown), stationary suite, brochure, postcard.

Sandy has accomplished national recognition through her graphic design, photography and page layouts for Savvy Magazines and Sunshine Media. Her paintings have been sold in galleries in Texas and the Southwest, and her photography has been seen in PhotoGraphic Magazine and commissioned by many private collectors and corporations.
      It is Sandy's diversity in the arts that brands her work as her own and sets her client projects heads above the competition. Clients range from leading Realtors in the Dallas Metroplex, church organizations, publishing companies, private collectors, title and banking firms and health and fitness professionals, to name only a few.

Lyric Marketing & Design

  • Sandy Wright
  • McKinney, TX, USA
  • 972-569-6955
Sandy is available for custom graphic art and design, magazine and feature page layouts/graphics, and digital and/or traditional 35mm photography sessions. She also has hundreds of custom stock images available. Email Sandy Wright to set up a time to discuss your marketing needs. Distance is no problem - world-class marketing is as close as an email or phone call.

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