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Eye Candy 4000
will knock you out...

graphic design filters for the Photoshop userThere are lots and lots ... possibly thousands... no, make that tens of thousands of wildly unique and creative things that EC4000 will do quickly and easily for you. . .

The Corona filter -- quickly create solar flares, gaseous clouds and other astronomical effects. With a few tweaks, you've got satin sheets!
The Drip Filter -- Halloween fans will love the Drip filter that instantly turns text and images into dripping paintings with 3D-like drops.
Fire Filter -- by far the most realistic method of creating flames we've seen. The new controls substantially extend the capabilities of the previous "flames" filter to generate a wide range of fire and flame-like effects. You can move the flames away from the object, and even THROUGH objects with 'holes' in them. Shift the color palette, (as we've done in this side-by-side comparison) and you've got gas flames, a cold wind, or rushing water. Cool.
The Fur filter -- for a variety of fur and hair effects: fuzzy textures, wavy curls, long strands and more.
The Jiggle filter -- for distortion based on randomly-spaced bubbling, bending, twisting and gyrating images.
The Melt filter -- another one for you Halloween fans -- turn up the heat on any image, creating the appearance of melting, including the pooling of the selection at the bottom of the melted area.
The Smoke filter -- creates billowing smoke, haze, fog, fumes and more.
The Squint filter -- does just what it says -- generating realistic organic blurring that closely duplicates the effect of poor vision, an image projected out of focus or a reflection in a vibrating mirror.
The Water Drops filter -- is another of those heaven-sent filters, generating a variety of realistic liquid shapes and textures in any color, including drops, spills, spurts and more.
The Weave filter -- recreates your selection to give it the appearance of being woven. You even have control over what is seen through any weave gaps.
The Wood filter -- is will be a prized filter by many, although we found it to be the weakest filter in the collection. Remember it is nearly impossible to simulate real wood. This one does a fair job of realistic wood, including control over the grain, knots and rings in the wood.

There are others too:

Antimatter, Cutout, Granient Glow, HSB Noise, Marble, and Motion Trail, but we'll just have to get to them in another article.
__ Eye Candy 400 is highly recommended for anyone who uses: Photoshop (4.0+), Fireworks, ImageReady, Deneba Canvas, or JASC Photo Paint (8+). Be sure to read the swell documentation, both printed and in PDF format, because there are lots of intricacies that are not readily apparent in really making EC screem.
__ Over the months to come, you can bet we'll be showing other effects and end results achieved with the fabulous new Eye Candy 4000. But don't wait for me to inspire you ... go and get EC4000 right away. You'll be glad you did!

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