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__ If you've read many of the Photoshop books, and newsletters you've probably been as confused over channels and masks as I have been. Like me, you've probably labored over Craig Swanson's 16-steps to "bevels" or struggled over Deke McClelland's tedious, meandering 70 or so pages on channels.
__ Most people discover that following a recipe for building channel masks doesn't necessarily mean you're learning it. Perhaps you're even among those of us who actually work for a living, and don't really have time to climb the mount of ethereal Photoshop enlightenment. We've got work to do -- learning Photoshop is no easy task and the intricacies of the program can be frustrating -- to say the least.

Black Box is not just recommended... it's essential!
__ The Black Box can save you literally hundreds of hours and steps in the creation of various popular techniques. (Not to mention white hairs!) It lets you undertake thousands upon thousands of operations built around ten different families of visual techniques. Some, admittedly are simple, others wildly complicated.

Great Buttons!

Motion Trail: objects slur across the background;
HSB Noise: introduction of various configurations of image degradation, or "noise";
Glass: a layer of refracting glass over the selection;
Glow: a layer of semi-transparant neon glow around the outside of the selection;
Inner/Outer Bevels: makes the selection raised away from the background;
Swirl: smearing the image through various random "pools"; and
Cutout: where the selection becomes a hole in the surface of the illustration. (our header for this article uses the cut-out technique.)

More Great Buttons!

__ Needless to say, there are hundreds of dozens of variations you can add to all of these techniques. All of these special effects are available with a click, eliminating the time-consuming, trial-and-error process. The samples shown here only scratch the surface -- and they were all created within moments and a few clicks.
__ The Black Box worked flawlessly on all the systems we tested it on. It is quick, even on 030 machines, and it does not require a math chip. So it can be used by Performa, LC and even PC/Windows users. It also works with any program that supports the Photoshop Plug-in interface. If you can use Photoshop, you can use Black Box... or let me say: if you use the popular painting programs you NEED Black Box.

The Black Box 2.0 -- DT&G FIVE STAR RATING
Price: $119 (list).
Alien Skin Software, Raleigh, NC -- 919-832-4124 --

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