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photoshop Retouch Workshop

Introducing the first of our Off-Line Seminars
Photo Retouching with Photoshop 5.5
... full 8 Hours of Certified Training in downloadable PDF format -- includes FREE Photoshop VQG!
Introductory Discount SAVE 25%. . . !

  1. * Photoshop Spot Color Channels
  2. * Building Spot Colors with Percentages
  3. * Trapping in Photoshop
  4. Flaming Text: Kenneth Jernigan sent in his tips for this technique
  5. Vampire BLOOD with Master Photoshopper Rick Kelly
  6. Make a Peppermint Stick: you asked for it!
  7. Chrome and Polished Metals: our readers asked for it
  8. Making Eye Contact: for dramatic design (by popular demand)
  9. Creating a "Burned Hole" Effect - with Joe Kling
  10. Put a child's face on a Pig! - with Joe Kling
  11. A Brief waltz through PATHS
  12. Polished Metal with Levels, Layers & Chrome (in the pdf)
  13. Simulating Wood with Layers a recipe for highly profitable wood signs
  14. Feathering for Soft transitions
  15. Scale & Feather step by step
  16. Photo Cropping for Dynamic Design (from: "Creative Layout Techniques" series)
  17. Using "Expand Selection" to create type effects (from: "How'd they do that" series)
  18. Creating the "X Files" Type (from: "How'd they do that" series)
  19. Layer Basics: Understanding the dynamics of using layers
  20. Bevel Buttons the easy way (response to reader question)
  21. Photos for the WEB: tips and tricks for optimizing web photos (private)
  22. Developing an Image: The Multicom Story (private)
  23. A New Interface for McGraw Hill's "Nutriquest" (private)
  24. A free copy of Photoshop Five for Subscribers (private)

Joseph Kling's complete Photoshop Photo Retouching Seminar
... full 8 Hours of Certified Training in downloadable PDF format!

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