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The Vampire Blood Technique.
PhotoShop 5.x

Step Eight

Now for some real magic.  Choose Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap (Highlight Strength: 15; Detail: 8; Smoothness: 8) and click OK to create some very cool specular highlights.  The Plastic Wrap Filter is great for creating all sorts of irregular highlights like those found in liquids, gels, plastic, slimy substances, etc..  Your image should look like the one shown at right.

Step Nine

The next step is to create a slightly darker edge on the blood letters.  Load 'Alpha 1' as a selection again by choosing Select>Load Selection (Document: blood; Channel: Alpha 1; New Selection).  Soften the selection by choosing Select>Feather (Feather Radius: 2).  Select the foreground color again to open the Color Picker Dialog and change the RGB values to 100,0,0 and click OK.  Fill the selection with the new red color by using (Alt/Option - Delete) and Deselect (Ctrl/Command - D) to remove the selection.  You should now have the image shown bottom right.

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PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

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