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The Vampire Blood Technique.
PhotoShop 5.x

Step Three

Select Filter>Brush Strokes>Spatter (Spray Radius: 15; Smoothness: 10).  Your text should now look something like the one shown at the top right.

Step Four

Before using the Stamp Filter, you need to make sure that black as the foreground color and white is the background color.  The Stamp Filter will apply these colors for it's effect.  You can reset the foreground and background colors by selecting 'D' on your keyboard.

Now that the colors are set, you are ready to run the Stamp filter.  Choose Filter>Sketch>Stamp (Light/Dark Balance: 25; Smoothness: 15).  You should now have an image that looks like the one shown bottom right.

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PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

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