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The Vampire Blood Technique.
PhotoShop 5.x

Step Two

To give the type a bit of a liquid look, you will need the help of three filters, Wind, Spatter (of course) and Stamp.

First, for the Wind Filter to work properly, you need to flatten and invert your document.  From the PhotoShop menu, select Layer>Flatten Image, and then select Image>Adjust>Invert.  You can also invert the image by using the shortcut key (Ctrl - I for Windows) or (Command - I for MAC).

Once you invert your image, rotate the document 90f clockwise by choosing Image>Rotate Canvas>90f CW from the PhotoShop menu.  

Now run the Wind Filter twice.  Choose Filter>Stylize>Wind (Method: Wind; Direction: From The Left) and click OK.  The Wind Filter Dialog and settings are shown at the top right.  Run Wind again by using the shortcut key (Ctrl/Command - F) or by choosing Filter>Wind from the PhotoShop menu.  Your image should look like the image shown bottom right.

Now rotate your document back upright by selecting Image>Rotate Canvas>90i CCW.

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PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

PHOTOSHOP Seminars - Vampire Blood

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