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[Editor's Note: How many times have you really wanted a special effect but just didn't have the hours it takes to invent one? How many of those stupid online tutorials have failed for you? ]

Powerful styling for Photoshop

If we've been asked once how to get this or that effect with any vector shape, we must have been asked a thousand times. You can find them in the Photoshop 911 forums -- all wanting the secret tutorial on various styles. Well folks, we almost always say "there are no silver bullets" ... but I'm thinking now, I was wrong!

Appearing in our contact form in May was a fellow wanting us to just try his new plug in. Since we get dozens of such requests each month, I met the post with a ho-hum attitude. But when I looked at his sample for CHROME, I was stunned. Do you have any idea how much I've searched for a plug-in that will do good chrome? Sure, back with Photoshop 4 or 5, I wrote one of the first tutorials online for chrome. I know how much goes into making it sparkle.

I immediately wrote him back and said I'd take a look and if we liked it, he might get a page in the Design Center. Now, I'm here to say; not only did it deliver, it way, way over delivered so much more than promised!

Trying it for myselof

When the software came, I said okay, let's see what I can do with it. After some fooling around, and getting just a little help from one of their excellent tutorials, I had some fairly decent chrome.

Here's my first attempt at doing the chrome look ... and I'm about 30 minutes into the process. Not bad for the first attempt. But seriously -- for the next two hours I had more fun with this program than I've had since layers were introduced in Photoshop!

Path Styler Pro uses the precision of paths to render 3D-style effects with sharp bevels, bump mapping, procedural textures, reflections, refraction, HDR lighting, and more all combined in a single filter, making it a complete solution for creating high-quality logos, titles and headings directly in Photoshop and Illustrator. But it also works for any vector object you can create -- so long as you have a path, you've got millions of possible combinations at your fingertips.

But what comes next is the extremely hot aspect of Path Styler Pro

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