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Wrapping text around a circle?

Photoshop Question from:
Brian from Minneapolis

 > Greetings.  I am using Photoshop 5/Windows. 
 > Is it possible to curve text (i.e. make it 
 > it flow along the border of a circle)?
 > If so, how?  Thanks in advance. Brian
Sorry, Brian...
there is no 'nice' way to do this in Photoshop 5.
      If you're feeling particularly adventurous today try this:
Create a file about TWICE the size of the circle you wish to wrap. Fill that file with a color. Any color.
Now, in a second file, set the type you wish to wrap in about TWICE the size you wish your final type to be. Now squeeze the type to the width of the original file. (Use the scale tool, but hold down the shift key so it scales it horizontally only.)
Now take a measurement in pixels of the HEIGHT of your type.
Returning to the original file, use the Canvas Size dialog to increase the size of the bitmap (file) by the type height measurement, adding it to the bottom of the file. (click the 'down' arrow in the Canvas sizer.)
Now it gets nasty.
What you have to do now is use the "Polar Coordinates" filter to force the entire image to re-map it's mapping coordinates. (Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates) You convert the image to a "globe" -- by selecting the "Rectangular to Polar" radio button. The type wraps around the entire image.
When you recover from the shock of the results, consider that Photoshop is NOT the appropriate program for this technique. You'll see the type extremely distorted -- possibly beyond usability.
Since you worked TWICE size, there's a chance you can sharpen and raster the file to within usable reason. But I doubt it.
Canvas8 or Typestyler are the most appropriate. (See "Pathfinder" article.) Illustrator is also an ideal program for this, using the Type on a Path tool to wrap the text around a sphere or circle.
Now, try it in in Photoshop 6
You can select the TEXT tool, and Click to type in your text. With that tool still active, go up to the tool options bar and notice the icon of the "T" with the curve under it. This is the "Wrap Text" tool and dialog. Select the Arch option and watch as your text wraps to a circle.
Again, this is a weak and unacceptable way of doing what you want to do. But in version 6, it's a bit closer to the ideal. Actually the wrap tool lets you do a lot of interesting things with type and I enthusiastically encourage you to experiment with all its various features. This tool -- finally to appear in Photoshop after 6 years -- uses the "envelope" method of distorting type.
My advice:
Use Canvas 8, Illustrator (any version since 3) or find someone who has the program(s) who can set your type for you and send the vector file. :-)
Old adage of successful designers:
"Never do anything yourself that you can hire someone else to do. . . particularly if they can do it better!"

Be sure to take a look at Bert Monroy or Sharron Steuer's books in our Photoshop Bibliography" you'll get a lot of really cool artistly effects you can do real easily.
PS: If anyone would like to share their techniques with our readers, we'd love to hear from you. Just let us know!
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